Hard Armor Sphere

Reacts uniquely to heat. Fuse this to armor to significantly improve it.

Obtaining Quest /174
9Land of Convergence116%
9Beyond the Blasting Scales118%
9Thunderous Rumble in the Highlands118%
9Beyond the Blasting Scales118%
9Thunderous Rumble in the Highlands118%
9A Light Upon the River's Gloom116%
9The White Winds of the New World123%
9The Sapphire Star's Guidance213%
9Showdown: the Muck and the Maul118%
9New World Sky, New World Flower118%
9A Summons from Below121%
11Baptism by Ice120%
11Banbaro Blockade120%
11Deep Snow Diver120%
11Taking Charge120%
11Ice Catch!120%
11Call of the Wild120%
11Special Arena: MR Pukei-Pukei120%
11Special Arena: MR Barroth120%
11Special Arena: MR Tobi-Kadachi120%
11Special Arena: MR Banbaro120%
11The Great Jagras Returns!120%
11New World Problems120%
11Beating Around the Bush120%
11Literary Thief120%
11Trapping The Tree Trasher120%
11Wildspire Treasure Hunt120%
11Dragged Through the Mud120%
11Jyura In My Way120%
11Taster's Tour120%
11All the Wrong Signals120%
11Grinding my Girros120%
11Can't Bring Yourself To It120%
12Ready to Strike120%
12No Time for Naps120%
12Play Both Ends120%
12Analysis Creates Paralysis120%
12Poison and Paralysis Pinch120%
12Special Arena: MR Anjanath120%
12Special Arena: MR Radobaan120%
12Special Arena: MR Coral Pukei-Pukei120%
12Special Arena: MR Viper Tobi-Kadachi120%
12Special Arena: MR Rathian120%
12Special Arena: MR Pink Rathian120%
12Special Arena: MR Paolumu120%
12Special Arena: MR Nightshade Paolumu120%
12Anjanath Antics120%
12Fool's Mate120%
12Nighty Night Nightshade120%
12A Queen At Heart120%
12A Face Nightmares Are Made Of120%
12Stick Your Nose Somewhere Else120%
12Feisty Girl Talk211%
12The Plight of Paolumu120%
12Pink Power Grab120%
12Protip: Stay Hydrated120%
12No Laughing Matter120%
12Bugger Off Bugs!120%
13Blizzard Blitz127%
13Ever-present Shadow127%
13The Scorching Blade127%
13Absolute Power127%
13A Smashing Cross Counter127%
13A Tale of Ice and Fire127%
13Remember That One Time?127%
13The Purr-fect Room: Stone127%
13Special Arena: MR Legiana127%
13Special Arena: MR Odogaron127%
13Special Arena: MR Uragaan127%
13Special Arena: MR Rathalos127%
13Special Arena: MR Diablos127%
13Special Arena: MR Barioth127%
13Special Arena: MR Nargacuga127%
13Special Arena: MR Glavenus127%
13Special Arena: MR Brachydios127%
13Special Arena: MR Tigrex127%
13Swoop to a New Low127%
13Nargacoulda, Shoulda, Woulda127%
13The Secret to a Good Slice127%
13Red and Black Aces211%
13A Line in the Sand127%
13A Flash of the Blade127%
13Simmer and Slice!211%
13Legiana Left Behind127%
13The Black Wind127%
13Don't be a Jerk with the Jerky127%
13A Roar that Shook the Vale127%
13Runnin', Rollin', and Weepin'211%
13Blast Warning In Effect!127%
13Everyone's a Critic127%
13Begone Uragaan127%
13Secret of the Ooze127%
13Festival of Explosions!211%
14When the Mist Taketh You225%
14The Disintegrating Blade225%
14Bad Friends, Great Enemies225%
14The Defense of Seliana221% (Guaranteed)
14The Thunderous Troublemaker!225%
14Noblefrost Hunter225%
14Tundra Troublemaker225%
14Duet of Rime211%
14Special Arena: MR Azure Rathalos225%
14Special Arena: MR Black Diablos225%
14Special Arena: MR Acidic Glavenus225%
14Special Arena: MR Ebony Odogaron225%
14Special Arena: MR Fulgur Anjanath225%
14These Azure Eyes See All225%
14Misfortune in the Forest225%
14In the Heat of the Moment225%
14A Shadowy Offender225%
14This Corroded Blade225%
14The Purr-fect Room: Light Iron225%
14The Purr-fect Room: Dark Iron211%
14Blue Rathalos Blues225%
14Trap the Thunder Jaw225%
15The Second Coming225%
15The Tyrant's Banquet225%
15Seething with Anger225%
15The Purr-fect Room: Silver225%
16Sleep Now in the Fire222%
16Big Burly Bash220%
16Return of the Crazy One225%
16Special Arena: MR Zinogre225%
16Special Arena: MR Yian Garuga127%
16Special Arena: MR Brute Tigrex225%
16Special Arena: MR Gold Rathian225%
16Special Arena: MR Silver Rathalos225%
8Pandora's Arena116%
8No Remorse, No Surrender122%
8Infernal Monarchy122%
8Blue Prominence116%
8Blue Prominence116%
9Banquet in the Earthen Hall125%
9The Fury of El Dorado225%
9The Legendary Beast121%
16Reveal Thyself, Destroyer225%
16Across the Lost Path225%
16Point of No Return122%
16Special Arena: MR Stygian Zinogre225%
6Mosswinin' and Dinin'116%
9The Greatest Jagras215%
9The Name's Lavasioth!215%
11Pearl Snatchers120%
13Every Hunter's Dream III123%
12Every Hunter's Dream II120%
11Duffel Duty120%
11Duffel Duty120%
12Paolumu Lullabies122%
11Flora Frostbite120%
11Flora Frostbite120%
14Beef is Never a Mi-steak120%
1350 Shades of White121%
11Skyward Snipers120%
11A Fish to Whet Your Appetite120%
9The Deathly Quiet Curtain122%
9A Whisper of White Mane119%
9The Scorn of the Sun122%
9The Eye of the Storm122%
9The Heralds of Destruction Cry122%
9When Blue Dust Surpasses Red Lust122%
9Undying Alpenglow227%
9Like a Moth to the Flame119%
9Keeper of the Otherworld116%
12Balloon Fight182% (Guaranteed)
15Talk About a Party Foul...167%
9A Nose for an Eye118%
9No Tomorrow for Usurpers118%
9The Thronetaker222%
11The Lord of the Underworld Beckons120%
11Desert Desserts120%
15A Reason Behind The Hunger121%
11Fetching Light Pearls120%
8SDF: Silent, Deadly, and Fierce315%
9Contract: Woodland Spirit125%
Monster /5
Safi'jiivaSiege Progress RewardsMaster Rank122%
Kulu-Ya-KuQuest: A Visitor from Another WorldHigh Rank18%
DodogamaHunt %sMaster Rank116%
DodogamaInvestigation (Silver)Master Rank216%
DodogamaInvestigation (Gold)Master Rank218%
Ancient ForestMaster Rankcondition 161100%
Wildspire WasteMaster Rankcondition 161100%
Coral HighlandsMaster Rankcondition 161100%
Rotten ValeMaster Rankcondition 161100%
Elder's RecessHigh Rankcondition 161100%
Steamworks /7
TypeNameQuantitySpawn Weightpower
NormalHard Armor Sphere1422
NormalHard Armor Sphere1181
AutumnHard Armor Sphere1121
MemorialHard Armor Sphere1121
SpringHard Armor Sphere1121
SummerHard Armor Sphere1121
WinterHard Armor Sphere1121
JA 日本語堅鎧玉
US EnglishHard Armor Sphere
FR FrançaisSphère d'armure dense
ES EspañolEsfera armadura dura
DE DeutschHarte Rüstkugel
IT ItalianoSfera-armatura dura
KR 한국어견갑옥
TW 繁體中文堅鎧玉
CN 簡体中文坚铠玉
RU РусскийЖесткая сфера доспехов
PL PolskiTwarda kula pancerza
PO Português do BrasilEsfera de Armadura Rígida
AR العربيةإطار الدرع الصلب