9★ Contract: Woodland Spirit

TARGETSlay the Ancient Leshen
Failure ConditionsTime expires
Faint 3 times
A portal appeared in the Ancient Forest, and a strange creature
came through it. The beast is called a woodland spirit and it's
extremely dangerous.
Quest level close to Death March! difficulty in The Witcher 3.
Quest ID67610
MapAncient Forest
Reward Money36000zenny
Time Limit50 Minute
EventTeam up with a group of Hunters to take down an ancient leshen! Collect rare leshen materials to craft and upgrade equipment and layered armor in a special collaboration with The Witcher 3!
Ancient Leshensolo100%67500650%750%130%325%455%630%100%
Ancient Leshenmulti2100%45225650%750%130%325%455%630%100%
Ancient Leshenmulti100%67500650%750%130%325%455%630%100%
Quest Rewards /8
Supply Box /16
PrimarysoloFirst-aid Med x 4
PrimarysoloEZ Ration x 3
PrimarysoloEmpty Phial x 30
PrimarymultiFirst-aid Med x 4
PrimarymultiFirst-aid Med x 4
PrimarymultiFirst-aid Med x 4
PrimarymultiEZ Ration x 3
PrimarymultiEZ Ration x 3
PrimarymultiEZ Ration x 3
PrimarymultiEmpty Phial x 30
SecondarysoloNormal Ammo 2 x 99
SecondarysoloPierce Ammo 1 x 60
SecondarysoloSpread Ammo 1 x 80
SecondarymultiNormal Ammo 2 x 99
SecondarymultiPierce Ammo 1 x 60
SecondarymultiSpread Ammo 1 x 80
JA 日本語依頼:森の精霊
US EnglishContract: Woodland Spirit
FR FrançaisContrat : esprit de la forêt
ES EspañolContrato: espíritu del bosque
DE DeutschAuftrag: Geist des Waldes
IT ItalianoContratto: Spirito della foresta
KR 한국어의뢰: 삼림의 정령
TW 繁體中文委託:林精
CN 簡体中文委托:林妖
RU РусскийЗаказ: Дух Леса
PL PolskiZlecenie: Duch Lasu
PO Português do BrasilContrato: Espírito do Bosque
AR العربية‮عقد: طيف الغابة