RankMaster Rank
Threat Level3
EcologyElder Dragon
Base HP20,000
Known HabitatsThe Guiding Lands,
Researcher's NotesThe fully-grown form of Xeno'jiiva. It absorbs energy from its environment to heal itself and change the ecosystem.
Useful InformationIts breath can be avoided by hiding behind obstacles. Drain its energy by breaking its parts and using the environment. Once it's cornered, work together to take it down.
DescriptionThe fully grown form of Xeno'jiiva. It absorbs energy from its environment to heal itself and alter the ecosystem.
SizeBase: 4799.78
≤4319.8 (90%)
≥5519.75 (115%)
≥5903.73 (123%)

The Guiding Lands

Weakness /1
Status /5
Status /3
Shock TrapPitfall TrapFlash PodDung PodVine Trap
Weakness /2
Damage /54
Head (Breaking Parts)4551352525252525100100
Head (S. Critical)6358383030303030100100
Head (B.S. Critical)6864483030303030100100
Snout (Breaking Parts)455131515151515100100
Snout (S. Critical)6358102020202020100100
Snout (B.S. Critical)6864102020202020100100
Neck (S. Critical)33337333330100
Body (S. Critical)30307333330100
Back (S. Critical)5050720202020200100
Chest (Breaking Parts)38381510101010100100
Chest (S. Critical)75754530303030300100
Chest (B.S. Critical)75754530303030300100
Forelegs (Breaking Parts)38352520202020200100
Forelegs (S. Critical)45652725252525250100
Forelegs (B.S. Critical)45652725252525250100
Forefeet (Breaking Parts)38352510101010100100
Forefeet (S. Critical)45652720202020200100
Forefeet (B.S. Critical)45652720202020200100
Hindlegs (Breaking Parts)33402520202020200100
Hindlegs (S. Critical)60463025252525250100
Hindlegs (B.S. Critical)60463025252525250100
Hindfeet (Breaking Parts)33402515151515150100
Hindfeet (S. Critical)60463020202020200100
Hindfeet (B.S. Critical)60463020202020200100
Wings (Breaking Parts)25354515151515150100
Wings (S. Critical)50654620202020200100
Wings (B.S. Critical)50654620202020200100
Webbing (Breaking Parts)252512555550100
Webbing (S. Critical)50651510101010100100
Webbing (B.S. Critical)50651510101010100100
Wing Tips20201015151515150100
Wing Tips (Breaking Parts)25251215151515150100
Wing Tips (S. Critical)50651520202020200100
Wing Tips (B.S. Critical)50651520202020200100
Tail (Breaking Parts)46402020202020200100
Tail (S. Critical)65553525252525250100
Tail (B.S. Critical)65553525252525250100
Upper Tail18343111110100
Upper Tail (Breaking Parts)20407111110100
Upper Tail (S. Critical)245510333330100
Upper Tail (B.S. Critical)245510333330100
Safi'jiiva Parts Broken /9
RankLow Rank/High RankMaster Rank
BuildMultByHP2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 32, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3
Quest /2
M★6Point of No ReturnSecluded Valley100%
M★6The Red DragonSecluded Valley100%
Rewards Master Rank /77
Tail CarveSafi'jiiva Lash x173%
Tail CarveSafi'jiiva Shard x122%
Tail CarveZionium Crystal x15%
Shiny DropPulsing Dragonshell x150%
Shiny DropSafi'jiiva Shard x123%
Shiny DropOld Dragon Treasure x122%
Shiny DropZionium Crystal x15%
Bandit MantleGiant Scale x140%
Bandit MantleMagnificent Scale x160%
PlunderbladeSafi'jiiva Cortex x130%
PlunderbladeSafi'jiiva Shard x145%
PlunderbladeSafi'jiiva Hardclaw x124%
PlunderbladeZionium Crystal x11%
TrackSafi'jiiva Shard x1100%
Capture %sSafi'jiiva Shard x132%
Capture %sSafi'jiiva Shard x122%
Capture %sPulsing Dragonshell x116%
Capture %sSafi'jiiva Hardclaw x18%
Capture %sSafi'jiiva Lash x111%
Capture %sSafi'jiiva Fellwing x18%
Capture %sZionium Crystal x13%
Break %s's hornSafi'jiiva Hardhorn x168%
Break %s's hornPulsing Dragonshell x132%
Break %s's hornsSafi'jiiva Hardhorn x193%
Break %s's hornsZionium Crystal x17%
Break %s's left forelegSafi'jiiva Hardclaw x168%
Break %s's left forelegSafi'jiiva Cortex x132%
Break %s's right forelegSafi'jiiva Hardclaw x168%
Break %s's right forelegSafi'jiiva Cortex x132%
Break %s's left hindlegSafi'jiiva Hardclaw x168%
Break %s's left hindlegSafi'jiiva Cortex x132%
Break %s's right hindlegSafi'jiiva Hardclaw x168%
Break %s's right hindlegSafi'jiiva Cortex x132%
Break %s's left wingSafi'jiiva Fellwing x168%
Break %s's left wingSafi'jiiva Shard x132%
Break %s's right wingSafi'jiiva Fellwing x168%
Break %s's right wingSafi'jiiva Shard x132%
Break %s's backPulsing Dragonshell x168%
Break %s's backSafi'jiiva Cortex x232%
Hunt %sSafi'jiiva Cortex x127%
Hunt %sSafi'jiiva Shard x121%
Hunt %sPulsing Dragonshell x113%
Hunt %sSafi'jiiva Fellwing x110%
Hunt %sSafi'jiiva Hardclaw x117%
Hunt %sSafi'jiiva Hardhorn x19%
Hunt %sZionium Crystal x13%
Break %s's chestPulsing Dragonshell x168%
Break %s's chestSafi'jiiva Shard x232%
Siege Progress RewardsSafi'jiiva Shard x112%
Siege Progress RewardsDracolite Shard x128%
Siege Progress RewardsDracolite x116%
Siege Progress RewardsHard Armor Sphere x122%
Siege Progress RewardsLarge Elder Dragon Bone x114%
Siege Progress RewardsPure Dragon Blood x18%
Investigation (Silver)Safi'jiiva Cortex x127%
Investigation (Silver)Safi'jiiva Shard x121%
Investigation (Silver)Pulsing Dragonshell x113%
Investigation (Silver)Safi'jiiva Fellwing x110%
Investigation (Silver)Safi'jiiva Hardclaw x117%
Investigation (Silver)Safi'jiiva Hardhorn x19%
Investigation (Silver)Zionium Crystal x13%
Investigation (Gold)Safi'jiiva Cortex x127%
Investigation (Gold)Safi'jiiva Shard x121%
Investigation (Gold)Pulsing Dragonshell x113%
Investigation (Gold)Safi'jiiva Fellwing x110%
Investigation (Gold)Safi'jiiva Hardclaw x117%
Investigation (Gold)Safi'jiiva Hardhorn x19%
Investigation (Gold)Zionium Crystal x13%
InvestigationAncient Feystone x11% (Guaranteed)
InvestigationLarge Elder Dragon Bone x130%
InvestigationPure Dragon Blood x124%
InvestigationKing Armor Sphere x120%
InvestigationShadowcore Ore x113%
InvestigationDragonbone Artifact x16%
InvestigationPurecrystal x16%
Investigation (Purple)Carved Feystone x120%
Investigation (Purple)Sealed Feystone x180%
JA 日本語ムフェト・ジーヴァ
US EnglishSafi'jiiva
FR FrançaisSafi'jiiva
ES EspañolSafi'jiiva
DE DeutschSafi'jiiva
IT ItalianoSafi'jiiva
KR 한국어무페토-지바
TW 繁體中文冥赤龍
CN 簡体中文冥赤龙
RU РусскийСафи'джиива
PL PolskiSafi'jiiv
PO Português do BrasilSafi'jiiva
AR العربيةصافيجيفا
Load Tips /18
Safi'jiiva Siege TipsThe Safi'jiiva siege is the most daunting task facing
the Commission. Team up with other hunters in the
gathering hub. Energy drained during your siege is shared
with others in the hub, so don't worry about failing.
Safi'jiiva Siege ObjectiveThe final objective of this siege is to slay Safi'jiiva.
Force it to expend its energy and drive it to the lowest
level of the Secluded Valley. Once a hunter in the
gathering hub slays Safi'jiiva, the objective will be complete.
Reward Levels and Broken PartsReward levels increase as you break parts off
of Safi'jiiva. Each part is weak to a certain type
of weapon, so team with other hunters with that
in mind to maximize your rewards.
Safi'jiiva Breakable PartsSafi'jiiva's chest, back, tail, both horns, both forelegs,
both hindlegs, and both wings can all be broken.
However, its chest can only be broken under
specific conditions.
Softening Hide & RegenerationSafi'jiiva's hide is extremely tough, but can be
softened by using the clutch claw. However, the
part that has been softened will attack with more
potency, and will eventually regenerate over time.
Using & Absorbing EnergySafi'jiiva consumes more energy when it is hit by
environmental attacks or by performing attacks while
a hunter has gained its ire. It will absorb energy
from the Everstream to replenish its own reserves.
Drawing Safi'jiiva's IreSafi'jiiva will begin to tenaciously target the hunter
that deals a large amount of damage to it. Any
hunter targeted by Safi'jiiva should try to keep
themselves in its sights, while the other members
of the party pile on the damage.
Controlling Safi'jiiva's IreAny hunter that has drawn the ire of Safi'jiiva must
continue to attack so the monster continues to
target the hunter, but failing to keep its attention
will result in Safi'jiiva's movements becoming
wilder and extremely dangerous.
Gaining Safi'jiiva's IreIf you are not being targeted by Safi'jiiva,
using the clutch claw to grapple onto its head
and unleashing a flinch shot will draw its ire.
This is a great strategy for switching its attention
to the hunter best suited for the defensive role.
Using Obstacles For CoverSafi'jiiva's gigantic breath attack has a huge tell
before it's unleashed, but it can't be avoided via
normal means, and will take you out in one hit.
Only by taking cover behind something can you
survive this devastating attack.
Secluded Valley - 1st LevelThe first level of the Secluded Valley contains
fragile ground and rocks overhead that can be
dropped onto Safi'jiiva. If you can cause Safi'jiiva
to stagger, you can force it to move and use these
objects to your advantage.
Secluded Valley - 2nd LevelThe second level of the Secluded Valley contains ledges
and slopes you can use to perform jumping attacks.
Take advantage of these, and then use the crags
protruding from the ground as cover when Safi'jiiva
unleashes its variety of breath attacks.
Safi'jiiva's Explosion ResistanceSome parts of Safi'jiiva's hide are so strong, damage from
large barrel bombs and other explosions will have little to
no effect. However, if you manage to break these parts,
that resistance will also be lost.
Safi'jiiva's BehaviorOrdinarily, Safi'jiiva will not move, and will simply
swat away anything that tries to get close to it.
Team up with other hunters and attack it from
a variety of angles without crowding each other
to open it up to attacks.
Breath AttacksSafi'jiiva is an extremely intelligent beast, and sometimes
uses breath attacks that predict a hunter's movements.
Try throwing off its prediction by changing the direction
you're moving right before it uses one of these attacks.
Elderseal Weapons Are EffectiveBeing an elder dragon, weapons with Elderseal
properties are effective against Safi'jiiva. While these
weapons will force Safi'jiiva to expend more energy,
their effectiveness will gradually fade, so don't rely
on them too much.
Safi'jiiva Siege TipsCheck Safi'jiiva Siege Info in the start menu to
see your progress in the Safi'jiiva siege.
Utilizing the Guard Up SkillWith the exception of a few attacks, all of Safi'jiiva's
attacks can be blocked if you have the Guard Up
skill activated. Breath attacks can also be blocked,
and can be used to provide cover for your teammates.