Ancient Feystone

A jewel that conceals an ancient power within it. (Appraisal Item)

Obtaining Quest /197
11Baptism by Ice11% (Guaranteed)
11Banbaro Blockade11% (Guaranteed)
11Deep Snow Diver11% (Guaranteed)
11Taking Charge11% (Guaranteed)
11Ice Catch!11% (Guaranteed)
11Call of the Wild11% (Guaranteed)
11Greetings from the Tundra11% (Guaranteed)
11Special Arena: MR Pukei-Pukei11% (Guaranteed)
11Special Arena: MR Barroth11% (Guaranteed)
11Special Arena: MR Tobi-Kadachi11% (Guaranteed)
11Special Arena: MR Banbaro11% (Guaranteed)
11The Great Jagras Returns!11% (Guaranteed)
11New World Problems11% (Guaranteed)
11Beating Around the Bush11% (Guaranteed)
11Literary Thief11% (Guaranteed)
11Trapping The Tree Trasher11% (Guaranteed)
11Wildspire Treasure Hunt11% (Guaranteed)
11Dragged Through the Mud11% (Guaranteed)
11Jyura In My Way11% (Guaranteed)
11Taster's Tour11% (Guaranteed)
11All the Wrong Signals11% (Guaranteed)
11Grinding my Girros11% (Guaranteed)
11Can't Bring Yourself To It11% (Guaranteed)
11This Here's Big Horn Country!122%
12Ready to Strike11% (Guaranteed)
12No Time for Naps11% (Guaranteed)
12Play Both Ends11% (Guaranteed)
12Analysis Creates Paralysis11% (Guaranteed)
12Poison and Paralysis Pinch11% (Guaranteed)
12Special Arena: MR Anjanath11% (Guaranteed)
12Special Arena: MR Radobaan11% (Guaranteed)
12Special Arena: MR Coral Pukei-Pukei11% (Guaranteed)
12Special Arena: MR Viper Tobi-Kadachi11% (Guaranteed)
12Special Arena: MR Rathian11% (Guaranteed)
12Special Arena: MR Pink Rathian11% (Guaranteed)
12Special Arena: MR Paolumu11% (Guaranteed)
12Special Arena: MR Nightshade Paolumu11% (Guaranteed)
12Anjanath Antics11% (Guaranteed)
12Fool's Mate11% (Guaranteed)
12Nighty Night Nightshade11% (Guaranteed)
12A Queen At Heart11% (Guaranteed)
12A Face Nightmares Are Made Of11% (Guaranteed)
12Stick Your Nose Somewhere Else11% (Guaranteed)
12Feisty Girl Talk118%
12The Plight of Paolumu11% (Guaranteed)
12Pink Power Grab11% (Guaranteed)
12Protip: Stay Hydrated11% (Guaranteed)
12Put That Red Cup Away122%
12No Laughing Matter11% (Guaranteed)
12Bugger Off Bugs!11% (Guaranteed)
13Blizzard Blitz11% (Guaranteed)
13Ever-present Shadow11% (Guaranteed)
13The Scorching Blade11% (Guaranteed)
13Absolute Power11% (Guaranteed)
13A Smashing Cross Counter11% (Guaranteed)
13A Tale of Ice and Fire11% (Guaranteed)
13Remember That One Time?11% (Guaranteed)
13The Purr-fect Room: Stone11% (Guaranteed)
13Proud White Knight215%
13Special Arena: MR Legiana11% (Guaranteed)
13Special Arena: MR Odogaron11% (Guaranteed)
13Special Arena: MR Uragaan11% (Guaranteed)
13Special Arena: MR Rathalos11% (Guaranteed)
13Special Arena: MR Diablos11% (Guaranteed)
13Special Arena: MR Barioth11% (Guaranteed)
13Special Arena: MR Nargacuga11% (Guaranteed)
13Special Arena: MR Glavenus11% (Guaranteed)
13Special Arena: MR Brachydios11% (Guaranteed)
13Special Arena: MR Tigrex11% (Guaranteed)
13Swoop to a New Low11% (Guaranteed)
13Nargacoulda, Shoulda, Woulda11% (Guaranteed)
13The Secret to a Good Slice11% (Guaranteed)
13Red and Black Aces118%
13A Line in the Sand11% (Guaranteed)
13A Flash of the Blade11% (Guaranteed)
13Simmer and Slice!118%
13Legiana Left Behind11% (Guaranteed)
13The Black Wind11% (Guaranteed)
13A Nasty Flesh Wound215%
13Don't be a Jerk with the Jerky11% (Guaranteed)
13A Roar that Shook the Vale11% (Guaranteed)
13Runnin', Rollin', and Weepin'118%
13Blast Warning In Effect!11% (Guaranteed)
13Everyone's a Critic11% (Guaranteed)
13Begone Uragaan11% (Guaranteed)
13Secret of the Ooze11% (Guaranteed)
13Festival of Explosions!118%
14When the Mist Taketh You11% (Guaranteed)
14The Disintegrating Blade11% (Guaranteed)
14Bad Friends, Great Enemies11% (Guaranteed)
14The Thunderous Troublemaker!11% (Guaranteed)
14Noblefrost Hunter11% (Guaranteed)
14Tundra Troublemaker11% (Guaranteed)
14Duet of Rime118%
14Special Arena: MR Azure Rathalos11% (Guaranteed)
14Special Arena: MR Black Diablos11% (Guaranteed)
14Special Arena: MR Acidic Glavenus11% (Guaranteed)
14Special Arena: MR Ebony Odogaron11% (Guaranteed)
14Special Arena: MR Fulgur Anjanath11% (Guaranteed)
14These Azure Eyes See All11% (Guaranteed)
14Misfortune in the Forest11% (Guaranteed)
14In the Heat of the Moment11% (Guaranteed)
14Piercing Black216%
14A Shadowy Offender11% (Guaranteed)
14This Corroded Blade11% (Guaranteed)
14The Purr-fect Room: Light Iron11% (Guaranteed)
14The Purr-fect Room: Dark Iron118%
14Blue Rathalos Blues11% (Guaranteed)
14Trap the Thunder Jaw11% (Guaranteed)
15The Iceborne Wyvern120%
15The Second Coming11% (Guaranteed)
15Under the Veil of Death120%
15A Light From The Abyss120%
15Clashing Swords Upon The Rime120%
15The Harbinger of Clear Skies120%
15Here Comes the Deathmaker120%
15Royal Audience on the Sand120%
15The Tyrant's Banquet11% (Guaranteed)
15Lightning Crashes120%
15Memories of the Sea God120%
15It's the Afterlife for Me120%
15Wings of the Wind120%
15Mark of the Sun120%
15Seething with Anger11% (Guaranteed)
15The Purr-fect Room: Silver11% (Guaranteed)
16Paean of Guidance120%
16Sleep Now in the Fire118%
16Big Burly Bash214%
16To the Very Ends with You120%
16Return of the Crazy One11% (Guaranteed)
16We Run This Town220%
16Special Arena: MR Zinogre11% (Guaranteed)
16Special Arena: MR Yian Garuga11% (Guaranteed)
16Special Arena: MR Brute Tigrex11% (Guaranteed)
16Special Arena: MR Gold Rathian11% (Guaranteed)
16Special Arena: MR Silver Rathalos11% (Guaranteed)
16Faraway Lorelei120%
16Hymn of Moon and Sun216%
16One Hot Night in the Spire120%
16Into the Palace of Flame120%
16Reveal Thyself, Destroyer11% (Guaranteed)
16Sterling Pride120%
16Across the Lost Path11% (Guaranteed)
16Point of No Return11% (Guaranteed)
16The Red Dragon119%
16Dawn's Triumph120%
16Special Arena: MR Stygian Zinogre11% (Guaranteed)
11Pearl Snatchers11% (Guaranteed)
12Every Hunter's Dream II116%
11Duffel Duty124%
11Duffel Duty11% (Guaranteed)
15Scores of Ores221%
15A Chilling Entrance120%
16Muscle Monkey Madness119%
11Flora Frostbite124%
11Flora Frostbite11% (Guaranteed)
14Beef is Never a Mi-steak124%
1350 Shades of White123%
16A Shocking Climax121%
11Skyward Snipers11% (Guaranteed)
11A Fish to Whet Your Appetite11% (Guaranteed)
11The Lord of the Underworld Beckons11% (Guaranteed)
11Desert Desserts11% (Guaranteed)
12A New Troublemaker in Town11% (Guaranteed)
13A Sky & Sea of Fire11% (Guaranteed)
13A Curious Experiment11% (Guaranteed)
13Soaked and Shivering11% (Guaranteed)
14The Desert Dash11% (Guaranteed)
14Servants of the Vale11% (Guaranteed)
15We Three Kings11% (Guaranteed)
15A Reason Behind The Hunger110% (Guaranteed)
16Moonlit Howl11% (Guaranteed)
16I Am Tranquil, I Am Sound11% (Guaranteed)
16A Roar that Splinters the Sky11% (Guaranteed)
16A Glance of Silver11% (Guaranteed)
16The Moon is a Harsh Queen11% (Guaranteed)
16Razzled, Frazzled, and Dazzled11% (Guaranteed)
16Scars Tell the Whole Story11% (Guaranteed)
16Yodeling in the Forest218%
16Heavy Metal in the Waste218%
16Symphony of the Coral218%
16Rotten Canzone218%
16Alt Rock Recess218%
16Ballad of the Hoarfrost218%
16Wolf Out of Hell11% (Guaranteed)
13When the Swift Meets the Roar179%
16The Wrath of Thunder Descends120%
16In the Tempest's Wake150%
16Day of Ruin150%
16The Cold Never Bothered Me150%
11Fetching Light Pearls11% (Guaranteed)
16Don't Forget The Earplugs!113%
16The Wrath of Thunder Descends120%
15RE: Return of the Bioweapon120%
15USJ: Shine On Forever120%
15The Assassin215%
15USJ: Ballet of Frost121%
Monster /81
RathianInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
RathianInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank170%
Pink RathianInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
Pink RathianInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank130%
RathalosInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
RathalosInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank130%
Azure RathalosInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
Azure RathalosInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank130%
DiablosInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
DiablosInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank130%
Black DiablosInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
Black DiablosInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank130%
KirinInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
Yian GarugaInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
Yian GarugaInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank130%
Scarred Yian GarugaInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
Scarred Yian GarugaInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank130%
Kushala DaoraInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
LunastraInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
TeostraInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
TigrexInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
TigrexInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank130%
Brute TigrexInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
Brute TigrexInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank130%
LavasiothInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
LavasiothInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank130%
NargacugaInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
NargacugaInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank130%
BariothInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
BariothInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank130%
Savage DeviljhoInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
BarrothInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
BarrothInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank170%
UragaanInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
UragaanInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank130%
ZinogreInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
ZinogreInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank130%
BrachydiosInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
BrachydiosInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank130%
GlavenusInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
GlavenusInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank130%
Acidic GlavenusInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
Acidic GlavenusInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank130%
AnjanathInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
AnjanathInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank170%
Fulgur AnjanathInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
Fulgur AnjanathInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank130%
Pukei-PukeiInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
Pukei-PukeiInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank170%
Coral Pukei-PukeiInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
Coral Pukei-PukeiInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank170%
Ruiner NergiganteInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
Safi'jiivaInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
JyuratodusInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
JyuratodusInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank170%
Tobi-KadachiInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
Tobi-KadachiInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank170%
Viper Tobi-KadachiInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
Viper Tobi-KadachiInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank170%
PaolumuInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
PaolumuInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank170%
Nightshade PaolumuInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
Nightshade PaolumuInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank170%
LegianaInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
LegianaInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank130%
Shrieking LegianaInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
Shrieking LegianaInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank130%
OdogaronInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
OdogaronInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank130%
Ebony OdogaronInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
Ebony OdogaronInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank130%
RadobaanInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
RadobaanInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank170%
Blackveil Vaal HazakInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
Seething BazelgeuseInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
BeotodusInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
BeotodusInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank170%
BanbaroInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
BanbaroInvestigation (Purple)Master Rank170%
VelkhanaInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
NamielleInvestigationMaster Rank11% (Guaranteed)
Feystone /7
Rare 5Rare 6Rare 7Rare 8Rare 9Rare 10Rare 11Rare 12Rare 13
Mysterious Feystone85%15%-------
Glowing Feystone65%34%1%------
Worn Feystone10%82%6%2%-----
Warped Feystone-77%18%5%-----
Ancient Feystone-53%---33%14%--
Carved Feystone----30%21%37%12%-
Sealed Feystone----17%-55%20%8%
Decoration Grade /220
Steadfast Jewel 162.524%
Earplug Jewel 361.514%
Wind Resist Jewel 261.514%
Footing Jewel 262.524%
Defense Jewel 161.514%
Vitality Jewel 162.524%
Medicine Jewel 161.514%
Recovery Jewel 160.505%
Resistor Jewel 162.524%
Blaze Jewel 161.514%
Stream Jewel 161.514%
Frost Jewel 161.514%
Bolt Jewel 161.514%
Dragon Jewel 161.514%
Venom Jewel 162.524%
Poisoncoat Jewel 362.524%
Expert Jewel 160.505%
Tenderizer Jewel 260.505%
Destroyer Jewel 260.505%
KO Jewel 261.514%
Drain Jewel 161.514%
Sonorous Jewel 160.505%
Physique Jewel 260.505%
Evasion Jewel 260.505%
Jumping Jewel 260.505%
Sheath Jewel 160.505%
Friendship Jewel 161.514%
Enduring Jewel 162.524%
Gobbler Jewel 162.524%
Grinder Jewel 161.514%
Bomber Jewel 161.514%
Stonethrower Jewel 161.514%
Brace Jewel 362.524%
Slider Jewel 261.514%
Elementless Jewel 261.514%
Blaze Jewel+ 4110.284%
Stream Jewel+ 4110.284%
Frost Jewel+ 4110.284%
Bolt Jewel+ 4110.284%
Dragon Jewel+ 4110.284%
Venom Jewel+ 4110.189%
Paralyzer Jewel+ 4110.189%
Sleep Jewel+ 4110.189%
Blast Jewel+ 4110.189%
Pep Jewel+ 4100.647%
Steadfast Jewel+ 4100.647%
Antiblast Jewel+ 4100.647%
Suture Jewel+ 4100.647%
Def Lock Jewel+ 4100.647%
Miasma Jewel+ 4100.647%
Hungerless Jewel+ 4100.647%
Recovery Jewel+ 4100.647%
Hard Tip Toe Jewel 4100.647%
Hard Intimidator Jewel 4100.647%
Hard Meowster Jewel 4100.647%
Heavy Artillery Jewel+ 4100.647%
Sonorous Jewel+ 4100.647%
Artillery Jewel+ 4100.647%
Fortitude/Physique Jewel 4100.647%
Crisis/Physique Jewel 4100.647%
Satiated/Physique Jewel 4100.647%
Stonethrower/Physique Jewel 4100.647%
Slider/Physique Jewel 4100.647%
Guardian/Physique Jewel 4100.647%
Fortitude/Evasion Jewel 4100.647%
Crisis/Evasion Jewel 4100.647%
Satiated/Evasion Jewel 4100.647%
Stonethrower/Evasion Jewel 4100.647%
Slider/Evasion Jewel 4100.647%
Guardian/Evasion Jewel 4100.647%
Fortitude/Attack Jewel 4100.647%
Crisis/Attack Jewel 4100.647%
Satiated/Attack Jewel 4100.647%
Stonethrower/Attack Jewel 4100.647%
Slider/Attack Jewel 4100.647%
Guardian/Attack Jewel 4100.647%
Fortitude/Expert Jewel 4100.647%
Crisis/Expert Jewel 4100.647%
Satiated/Expert Jewel 4100.647%
Stonethrower/Expert Jewel 4100.647%
Slider/Expert Jewel 4100.647%
Guardian/Expert Jewel 4100.647%
Fire Res Jewel+ 4100.647%
Water Res Jewel+ 4100.647%
Thunder Res Jewel+ 4100.647%
Dragon Res Jewel+ 4100.647%
Tip Toe Jewel+ 4100.647%
Intimidator Jewel+ 4100.647%
Meowster Jewel+ 4100.647%
Botany Jewel+ 4100.647%
Geology Jewel+ 4100.647%
Survival Jewel+ 4100.647%
Specimen Jewel+ 4100.647%
Enduring Jewel+ 4100.647%
Defense Jewel+ 4100.647%
Hard Defense Jewel 4110.095%
Physique Jewel+ 4110.095%
Ironwall Jewel+ 4110.095%
Friendship Jewel+ 4110.095%
Drain/Physique Jewel 4110.095%
Ironwall/Physique Jewel 4110.095%
Friendship/Physique Jewel 4110.095%
Resistor/Physique Jewel 4110.095%
Flight/Physique Jewel 4110.095%
Sprinter/Physique Jewel 4110.095%
Refresh/Physique Jewel 4110.095%
Jumping/Physique Jewel 4110.095%
Sheath/Physique Jewel 4110.095%
Gobbler/Physique Jewel 4110.095%
Grinder/Physique Jewel 4110.095%
Bomber/Physique Jewel 4110.095%
Fungiform/Physique Jewel 4110.095%
Drain/Evasion Jewel 4110.095%
Ironwall/Evasion Jewel 4110.095%
Friendship/Evasion Jewel 4110.095%
Resistor/Evasion Jewel 4110.095%
Flight/Evasion Jewel 4110.095%
Sprinter/Evasion Jewel 4110.095%
Refresh/Evasion Jewel 4110.095%
Jumping/Evasion Jewel 4110.095%
Sheath/Evasion Jewel 4110.095%
Gobbler/Evasion Jewel 4110.095%
Grinder/Evasion Jewel 4110.095%
Bomber/Evasion Jewel 4110.095%
Fungiform/Evasion Jewel 4110.095%
Drain/Attack Jewel 4110.095%
Ironwall/Attack Jewel 4110.095%
Friendship/Attack Jewel 4110.095%
Resistor/Attack Jewel 4110.095%
Flight/Attack Jewel 4110.095%
Sprinter/Attack Jewel 4110.095%
Refresh/Attack Jewel 4110.095%
Jumping/Attack Jewel 4110.095%
Sheath/Attack Jewel 4110.095%
Gobbler/Attack Jewel 4110.095%
Grinder/Attack Jewel 4110.095%
Bomber/Attack Jewel 4110.095%
Fungiform/Attack Jewel 4110.095%
Drain/Expert Jewel 4110.095%
Ironwall/Expert Jewel 4110.095%
Friendship/Expert Jewel 4110.095%
Resistor/Expert Jewel 4110.095%
Flight/Expert Jewel 4110.095%
Sprinter/Expert Jewel 4110.095%
Refresh/Expert Jewel 4110.095%
Jumping/Expert Jewel 4110.095%
Sheath/Expert Jewel 4110.095%
Gobbler/Expert Jewel 4110.095%
Grinder/Expert Jewel 4110.095%
Bomber/Expert Jewel 4110.095%
Fungiform/Expert Jewel 4110.095%
Fortitude/Release Jewel 4110.095%
Crisis/Release Jewel 4110.095%
Satiated/Release Jewel 4110.095%
Stonethrower/Release Jewel 4110.095%
Slider/Release Jewel 4110.095%
Guardian/Release Jewel 4110.095%
Fortitude/Handicraft Jewel 4110.095%
Crisis/Handicraft Jewel 4110.095%
Satiated/Handicraft Jewel 4110.095%
Stonethrower/Handicraft Jewel 4110.095%
Slider/Handicraft Jewel 4110.095%
Guardian/Handicraft Jewel 4110.095%
Footing/Protection Jewel 4110.095%
Charger/Protection Jewel 4110.095%
Enhancer/Protection Jewel 4110.095%
Destroyer/Protection Jewel 4110.095%
KO/Protection Jewel 4110.095%
Potential/Protection Jewel 4110.095%
Wind Resist/Protection Jewel 4110.095%
Draw/Protection Jewel 4110.095%
Throttle/Protection Jewel 4110.095%
Challenger/Protection Jewel 4110.095%
Flawless/Protection Jewel 4110.095%
Furor/Protection Jewel 4110.095%
Mighty/Protection Jewel 4110.095%
Brace/Protection Jewel 4110.095%
Release/Protection Jewel 4110.095%
Footing/Medicine Jewel 4110.095%
Charger/Medicine Jewel 4110.095%
Enhancer/Medicine Jewel 4110.095%
Destroyer/Medicine Jewel 4110.095%
KO/Medicine Jewel 4110.095%
Potential/Medicine Jewel 4110.095%
Wind Resist/Medicine Jewel 4110.095%
Draw/Medicine Jewel 4110.095%
Throttle/Medicine Jewel 4110.095%
Challenger/Medicine Jewel 4110.095%
Flawless/Medicine Jewel 4110.095%
Furor/Medicine Jewel 4110.095%
Mighty/Medicine Jewel 4110.095%
Brace/Medicine Jewel 4110.095%
Footing/Vitality Jewel 4110.095%
Charger/Vitality Jewel 4110.095%
Enhancer/Vitality Jewel 4110.095%
Destroyer/Vitality Jewel 4110.095%
KO/Vitality Jewel 4110.095%
Potential/Vitality Jewel 4110.095%
Wind Resist/Vitality Jewel 4110.095%
Draw/Vitality Jewel 4110.095%
Throttle/Vitality Jewel 4110.095%
Challenger/Vitality Jewel 4110.095%
Flawless/Vitality Jewel 4110.095%
Furor/Vitality Jewel 4110.095%
Mighty/Vitality Jewel 4110.095%
Brace/Vitality Jewel 4110.095%
Footing/Maintenance Jewel 4110.095%
Charger/Maintenance Jewel 4110.095%
Enhancer/Maintenance Jewel 4110.095%
Destroyer/Maintenance Jewel 4110.095%
KO/Maintenance Jewel 4110.095%
Potential/Maintenance Jewel 4110.095%
Wind Resist/Maintenance Jewel 4110.095%
Draw/Maintenance Jewel 4110.095%
Throttle/Maintenance Jewel 4110.095%
Challenger/Maintenance Jewel 4110.095%
Flawless/Maintenance Jewel 4110.095%
Furor/Maintenance Jewel 4110.095%
Mighty/Maintenance Jewel 4110.095%
Brace/Maintenance Jewel 4110.095%
JA 日本語太古の珠
US EnglishAncient Feystone
FR FrançaisJoyaux ???
ES EspañolJoya ancestral
DE DeutschUralter Feenstein
IT ItalianoFatapietra antica
KR 한국어태고의 구슬
TW 繁體中文太古的寶珠
CN 簡体中文太古的宝珠
RU РусскийДревний мертвый камень
PL PolskiPrastary kamień mocy
PO Português do BrasilPedra Feérica Ancestral
AR العربيةحجر عتيق