16★ In the Tempest's Wake

TARGETSlay a Kushala Daora
Failure ConditionsTime expires
Faint 3 times
ClientRetrospective Second
When I was a young girl, a Kushala Daora passed by our
village. We hid in our homes, afraid of what tragedy it might
leave in its wake. And now it's here... May this Sealed Feystone
be incentive enough for you to put a stop to this tempest.
Quest ID66840
Reward Money43200zenny
Time Limit50 Minute
EventStand toe to claw against a tempered Kushala Daora in a quest great for obtaining Sealed Feystones!
Kushala Daorasolo90~123%MiniGold294521310%560%160%300%130%180%150%
Kushala Daoramulti290~123%MiniGold513051310%1088%160%750%455%630%450%
Kushala Daoramulti90~123%MiniGold765751310%1624%160%750%455%630%450%
Quest Rewards /4
Sealed Feystone x 31% (Guaranteed)
Sealed Feystone x 18%
Ancient Feystone x 150%
Carved Feystone x 141%
Supply Box /16
PrimarysoloFirst-aid Med+ x 4
PrimarysoloEZ Ration x 3
PrimarysoloEmpty Phial x 30
PrimarymultiFirst-aid Med+ x 4
PrimarymultiFirst-aid Med+ x 4
PrimarymultiFirst-aid Med+ x 4
PrimarymultiEZ Ration x 3
PrimarymultiEZ Ration x 3
PrimarymultiEZ Ration x 3
PrimarymultiEmpty Phial x 30
SecondarysoloNormal Ammo 2 x 99
SecondarysoloPierce Ammo 1 x 60
SecondarysoloSpread Ammo 1 x 80
SecondarymultiNormal Ammo 2 x 99
SecondarymultiPierce Ammo 1 x 60
SecondarymultiSpread Ammo 1 x 80
Event Quests /1
In the Tempest's Wake2020-10-162020-11-06
JA 日本語嵐の棺
US EnglishIn the Tempest's Wake
FR FrançaisAvis de tempête
ES EspañolLa calma tras la tempestad
DE DeutschIm Angesicht des Sturms
IT ItalianoVeglia dopo la tempesta
KR 한국어폭풍의 관
TW 繁體中文風暴的棺材
CN 簡体中文风暴的棺材
RU РусскийБуря пробуждается
PL PolskiCisza przed burzą
PO Português do BrasilNo Rastro da Tormenta
AR العربيةفي أعقاب العاصفة