16★ Heavy Metal in the Waste

TARGETHunt all target monsters
Failure ConditionsTime expires
Faint 3 times
ClientField Team Leader
The Wildspire is a vast stretch of land, so it's not every
day we see this many monsters duking it out. This could
be a huge boon to our research, so suit up and head out!
INFOApceros Kestodon Noios Gajalaka
Quest ID66827
MapWildspire Waste
Reward Money67320zenny
Time Limit50 Minute
EventGo on a hunt-a-thon in the Wildspire Waste! This is a great opportunity to aim for gold crowns!
Nightshade Paolumusolo88~125%MiniGold5900910%500%210%210%170%170%170%
Nightshade Paolumumulti288~125%MiniGold10080910%955%210%525%595%595%425%
Nightshade Paolumumulti88~125%MiniGold15045910%1425%210%525%595%595%425%
Black Diablossolo88~125%MiniGold86251130%560%240%240%200%200%200%
Black Diablosmulti288~125%MiniGold147361130%1069%240%600%700%700%500%
Black Diablosmulti88~125%MiniGold219941130%1596%240%600%700%700%500%
Savage Deviljhosolo97~122%MiniGold90001130%560%240%240%200%200%200%
Savage Deviljhomulti297~122%MiniGold153771130%1069%240%600%700%700%500%
Savage Deviljhomulti97~122%MiniGold229501130%1596%240%600%700%700%500%
Supply Box /16
PrimarysoloFirst-aid Med+ x 4
PrimarysoloEZ Ration x 3
PrimarysoloEmpty Phial x 30
PrimarymultiFirst-aid Med+ x 4
PrimarymultiFirst-aid Med+ x 4
PrimarymultiFirst-aid Med+ x 4
PrimarymultiEZ Ration x 3
PrimarymultiEZ Ration x 3
PrimarymultiEZ Ration x 3
PrimarymultiEmpty Phial x 30
SecondarysoloNormal Ammo 2 x 99
SecondarysoloPierce Ammo 1 x 60
SecondarysoloSpread Ammo 1 x 80
SecondarymultiNormal Ammo 2 x 99
SecondarymultiPierce Ammo 1 x 60
SecondarymultiSpread Ammo 1 x 80
JA 日本語泥など温しヘヴィメタル
US EnglishHeavy Metal in the Waste
FR FrançaisHeavy metal dans le désert
ES EspañolHeavy Metal en el yermo
DE DeutschÖdnis-Ouvertüre
IT ItalianoHeavy Metal delle guglie
KR 한국어진흙탕을 꿰뚫는 헤비메탈
TW 繁體中文溫泥的重金屬
CN 簡体中文温泥的重金属
RU РусскийТяжелый рок Дикогорья
PL PolskiBębnienie na Pustkowiu
PO Português do BrasilHeavy Metal nos Ermos
AR العربيةموسيقى في الأنقاض