Heavy Armor Sphere

Reacts uniquely to heat. Fuse this to armor to greatly improve it.

Obtaining Quest /70
11This Here's Big Horn Country!11% (Guaranteed)
12Feisty Girl Talk11% (Guaranteed)
12Put That Red Cup Away11% (Guaranteed)
13Proud White Knight21% (Guaranteed)
13Red and Black Aces11% (Guaranteed)
13Simmer and Slice!11% (Guaranteed)
13A Nasty Flesh Wound21% (Guaranteed)
13Runnin', Rollin', and Weepin'11% (Guaranteed)
13Festival of Explosions!11% (Guaranteed)
14Duet of Rime21% (Guaranteed)
14Piercing Black21% (Guaranteed)
14The Purr-fect Room: Dark Iron21% (Guaranteed)
15The Iceborne Wyvern124%
15Under the Veil of Death124%
15A Light From The Abyss124%
15Clashing Swords Upon The Rime124%
15The Harbinger of Clear Skies124%
15Here Comes the Deathmaker124%
15Royal Audience on the Sand124%
15Lightning Crashes124%
15Memories of the Sea God124%
15It's the Afterlife for Me124%
15Wings of the Wind124%
15Mark of the Sun124%
16Paean of Guidance124%
16To the Very Ends with You124%
16Faraway Lorelei124%
16One Hot Night in the Spire124%
16Into the Palace of Flame124%
16Sterling Pride124%
16The Red Dragon120%
16...And My Rage for All131%
16The Fury Remains131%
16Dawn's Triumph124%
16Achy Brachy Heart131%
16All That Glitters is Furious131%
6Mosswinin' and Dinin'17%
15Scores of Ores124%
15A Chilling Entrance122%
16Muscle Monkey Madness120%
12Paolumu Lullabies116%
16A Shocking Climax118%
12Balloon Fight118%
15Talk About a Party Foul...125% (Guaranteed)
15A Reason Behind The Hunger113%
16Moonlit Howl120%
16I Am Tranquil, I Am Sound120%
16A Roar that Splinters the Sky120%
16A Glance of Silver120%
16The Moon is a Harsh Queen120%
16Razzled, Frazzled, and Dazzled120%
16Scars Tell the Whole Story120%
16Yodeling in the Forest21% (Guaranteed)
16Heavy Metal in the Waste21% (Guaranteed)
16Symphony of the Coral21% (Guaranteed)
16Rotten Canzone21% (Guaranteed)
16Alt Rock Recess21% (Guaranteed)
16Ballad of the Hoarfrost21% (Guaranteed)
16Wolf Out of Hell120%
16The Eternal Gold Rush131%
16The Last White Knight121%
16Don't Forget The Earplugs!115%
16Monkey Business131%
15Talk About a Party Foul...192% (Guaranteed)
16Brand New Brute145%
15Old Dog, New Trick120%
15RE: Return of the Bioweapon124%
15USJ: Shine On Forever121%
15The Assassin21% (Guaranteed)
15USJ: Ballet of Frost119%
Monster /40
RathianInvestigationMaster Rank124%
Pink RathianInvestigationMaster Rank127%
RathalosInvestigationMaster Rank127%
Azure RathalosInvestigationMaster Rank127%
DiablosInvestigationMaster Rank127%
Black DiablosInvestigationMaster Rank127%
Yian GarugaInvestigationMaster Rank127%
Scarred Yian GarugaInvestigationMaster Rank127%
TigrexInvestigationMaster Rank127%
Brute TigrexBreak %s's headMaster Rank1100%
Brute TigrexBreak %s's clawsMaster Rank1100%
Brute TigrexCapture %sMaster Rank160%
Brute TigrexInvestigationMaster Rank127%
LavasiothInvestigationMaster Rank127%
NargacugaInvestigationMaster Rank127%
BariothInvestigationMaster Rank127%
Savage DeviljhoInvestigationMaster Rank127%
BarrothInvestigationMaster Rank124%
UragaanInvestigationMaster Rank127%
ZinogreInvestigationMaster Rank127%
BrachydiosInvestigationMaster Rank127%
GlavenusInvestigationMaster Rank127%
Acidic GlavenusInvestigationMaster Rank127%
AnjanathInvestigationMaster Rank124%
Fulgur AnjanathInvestigationMaster Rank127%
Pukei-PukeiInvestigationMaster Rank124%
Coral Pukei-PukeiInvestigationMaster Rank124%
JyuratodusInvestigationMaster Rank124%
Tobi-KadachiInvestigationMaster Rank124%
Viper Tobi-KadachiInvestigationMaster Rank124%
PaolumuInvestigationMaster Rank124%
Nightshade PaolumuInvestigationMaster Rank124%
LegianaInvestigationMaster Rank127%
Shrieking LegianaInvestigationMaster Rank127%
OdogaronInvestigationMaster Rank127%
Ebony OdogaronInvestigationMaster Rank127%
RadobaanInvestigationMaster Rank124%
Seething BazelgeuseInvestigationMaster Rank127%
BeotodusInvestigationMaster Rank124%
BanbaroInvestigationMaster Rank124%
Steamworks /12
TypeNameQuantitySpawn Weightpower
NormalHeavy Armor Sphere1132
NormalHeavy Armor Sphere1131
AutumnHeavy Armor Sphere1292
AutumnHeavy Armor Sphere1181
MemorialHeavy Armor Sphere1292
MemorialHeavy Armor Sphere1181
SpringHeavy Armor Sphere1292
SpringHeavy Armor Sphere1181
SummerHeavy Armor Sphere1292
SummerHeavy Armor Sphere1181
WinterHeavy Armor Sphere1292
WinterHeavy Armor Sphere1181
JA 日本語重鎧玉
US EnglishHeavy Armor Sphere
FR FrançaisSphère d'armure lourde
ES EspañolEsfera armadura pesada
DE DeutschSchwere Rüstkugel
IT ItalianoSfera-armatura pesante
KR 한국어중갑옥
TW 繁體中文重鎧玉
CN 簡体中文重铠玉
RU РусскийТяжелая сфера доспехов
PL PolskiCiężka kula pancerza
PO Português do BrasilEsfera de Armadura Pesada
AR العربيةإطار الدرع الثقيل