16★ Ballad of the Hoarfrost

TARGETHunt all target monsters
Failure ConditionsTime expires
Faint 3 times
ClientField Team Leader
The monsters of the Reach tend to keep to themselves, but
today they're at each other's throats! This could be
a huge boon to our research, so suit up and head out!
INFOPopo Wulg Cortos Boaboa
Quest ID66831
MapHoarfrost Reach
Reward Money67320zenny
Time Limit50 Minute
EventGo on a hunt-a-thon in the Hoarfrost Reach! This is a great opportunity to aim for gold crowns!
Viper Tobi-Kadachisolo88~122%MiniGold5800910%500%210%210%170%170%170%
Viper Tobi-Kadachimulti288~122%MiniGold9909910%955%210%525%595%595%425%
Viper Tobi-Kadachimulti88~122%MiniGold14790910%1425%210%525%595%595%425%
Shrieking Legianasolo88~125%MiniGold75001130%560%240%240%200%200%200%
Shrieking Legianamulti288~125%MiniGold128141130%1069%240%600%700%700%500%
Shrieking Legianamulti88~125%MiniGold191251130%1596%240%600%700%700%500%
Stygian Zinogresolo88~125%MiniGold75001130%560%240%240%200%200%200%
Stygian Zinogremulti288~125%MiniGold128141130%1069%240%600%700%700%500%
Stygian Zinogremulti88~125%MiniGold191251130%1596%240%600%700%700%500%
Supply Box /20
PrimarysoloFirst-aid Med+ x 4
PrimarysoloEZ Ration x 3
PrimarysoloHot Drink x 2
PrimarysoloEmpty Phial x 30
PrimarymultiFirst-aid Med+ x 4
PrimarymultiFirst-aid Med+ x 4
PrimarymultiFirst-aid Med+ x 4
PrimarymultiEZ Ration x 3
PrimarymultiEZ Ration x 3
PrimarymultiEZ Ration x 3
PrimarymultiHot Drink x 2
PrimarymultiHot Drink x 2
PrimarymultiHot Drink x 2
PrimarymultiEmpty Phial x 30
SecondarysoloNormal Ammo 2 x 99
SecondarysoloPierce Ammo 1 x 60
SecondarysoloSpread Ammo 1 x 80
SecondarymultiNormal Ammo 2 x 99
SecondarymultiPierce Ammo 1 x 60
SecondarymultiSpread Ammo 1 x 80
JA 日本語眠りの地のバラード
US EnglishBallad of the Hoarfrost
FR FrançaisBallade de glace
ES EspañolBalada en el arroyo
DE DeutschRaureif-Rhapsodie
IT ItalianoBallata delle distese
KR 한국어잠자는 땅의 발라드
TW 繁體中文冰封的謠曲
CN 簡体中文冰封的谣曲
RU РусскийМорозная песнь
PL PolskiBallada o Szronie
PO Português do BrasilBalada Glacial
AR العربيةأغنية نطاق الصقيع