Mysterious Feystone

A jewel that conceals faint traces of power within it. (Appraisal Item)

Obtaining Quest /89
6Invader in the Waste115%
6Tickled Pink115%
7Old World Monster in the New World118%
6Special Arena: HR Pukei-Pukei115%
6Special Arena: HR Barroth115%
6Special Arena: HR Tobi-Kadachi115%
6Special Arena: HR Anjanath115%
6Special Arena: HR Rathian115%
6Special Arena: HR Paolumu115%
6Special Arena: HR Radobaan115%
6Hard to Swallow115%
6Googly-eyed Green Monster115%
6A Hair-Raising Experience115%
6It Can't See You if You Don't Move115%
6The Sleeping Sylvan Queen115%
6Stuck in Their Ways115%
6Keep Your Hands to Yourself!115%
6A Crown of Mud and Anger115%
6Pukei-Pukei Ambush115%
6Up to Your Waist in the Waste115%
6Brown Desert, Green Queen115%
6Trespassing Troublemaker115%
6Say Cheese!115%
6Loop the Paolumu115%
6A Tingling Taste115%
6Stuck in a Rut115%
6Dodogama Drama115%
8A Wound and a Thirst118%
7Special Arena: HR Pink Rathian15%
7Special Arena: HR Legiana15%
7Special Arena: HR Odogaron15%
7Special Arena: HR Uragaan15%
7Special Arena: HR Rathalos15%
7Special Arena: HR Azure Rathalos15%
7Special Arena: HR Diablos15%
7Special Arena: HR Black Diablos15%
7Rathalos Rematch118%
7Rathalos in Blue118%
7The Red and Blue Crew28%
7Pretty In Pink118%
7Well, That Diablos!118%
7Two-horned Hostility118%
7RRRRRumble in the Waste!28%
7A Cherry Wind upon the Reefs118%
7Legiana: Highlands Royalty118%
7A Sore Site118%
7Talons of Ire and Ice28%
7Odogaron Unleashed118%
7Lavasioth, Monster of Magma118%
7Ore-eating Occupier118%
7Ruler of the Azure Skies118%
7Bazelgeuse in the Field of Fire118%
7A Fiery Convergence28%
8Kushala Daora, Dragon of Steel118%
8Teostra the Infernal118%
8Hellish Fiend Vaal Hazak118%
8A Portent of Disaster118%
8A Blaze on the Sand118%
8Lightning Strikes Twice118%
8Stirrings from the Grave118%
8The Eater of Elders118%
8Master of the Gale118%
8Hellfire's Stronghold118%
8The Eater of Elders118%
8The Winds of Wrath Bite Deep118%
8The Fires of Hell Bite Deep118%
9The White Winds of the New World218%
9The Sapphire Star's Guidance213%
6A Visitor from Another World118%
7The Food Chain Dominator118%
7Today's Special: Hunter Flambé118%
8The Blazing Sun118%
9Banquet in the Earthen Hall218%
7A Royal Pain28%
6Scrapping with the Shamos115%
6A Flash in the Pan115%
6Egg Lovers United115%
6Triple Threat Throwdown144%
6Triple Threat Throwdown211%
7Deep Green Blues315%
7Wildspire Bolero316%
7Coral Waltz318%
7Effluvial Opera315%
7Rock N' Roll Recess315%
7This is How Revolts Start211%
9Snow & Cherry Blossoms210%
9A Nose for an Eye214%
9No Tomorrow for Usurpers214%
7USJ Blazing Azure Stars!212%
Monster /10
RathianInvestigation (Purple)High Rank155%
LavasiothQuest: The Name's Lavasioth!High Rank154%
BarrothInvestigation (Purple)High Rank155%
AnjanathInvestigation (Purple)High Rank155%
Great JagrasQuest: The Greatest JagrasHigh Rank154%
Pukei-PukeiInvestigation (Purple)High Rank155%
JyuratodusInvestigation (Purple)High Rank155%
Tobi-KadachiInvestigation (Purple)High Rank155%
PaolumuInvestigation (Purple)High Rank155%
RadobaanInvestigation (Purple)High Rank155%
Feystone /7
Rare 5Rare 6Rare 7Rare 8Rare 9Rare 10Rare 11Rare 12Rare 13
Mysterious Feystone85%15%-------
Glowing Feystone65%34%1%------
Worn Feystone10%82%6%2%-----
Warped Feystone-77%18%5%-----
Ancient Feystone-53%---33%14%--
Carved Feystone----30%21%37%12%-
Sealed Feystone----17%-55%20%8%
JA 日本語なぞの珠
US EnglishMysterious Feystone
FR FrançaisJoyaux ???
ES EspañolJoya misteriosa
DE DeutschMysteriöser Feenstein
IT ItalianoFatapietra misteriosa
KR 한국어수수께끼의 구슬
TW 繁體中文謎樣的寶珠
CN 簡体中文谜之宝珠
RU РусскийТаинственный мертвый камень
PL PolskiTajemniczy kamień mocy
PO Português do BrasilPedra Fey Misteriosa
AR العربيةحجر غامض