Dragonbone Artifact

A very rare bone found in bonepiles. Evidence of an unknown elder dragon that once ruled the land.

Craft /88
Clockwork Helm α+1
Clockwork Helm β+1
Rose Jacket α+1
Dober Vambraces α+3
Dober Vambraces β+3
Kirin Longarms α+1
Kirin Longarms β+1
Rose Arms α+1
Rose Belt α+1
Odogaron Greaves α+1
Odogaron Greaves β+1
Clockwork Greaves α+1
Clockwork Greaves β+1
Esurient Greaves α+1
Esurient Greaves β+1
Botany Charm IV1
Mammoth Greataxe II1
Ogre's Jaw III1
Dragonseal Sword I1
Grand Khopesh III1
Mammoth Longblade II1
Abyss Piercer II1
Dragonseal Aldblade I1
Radobaan Os III1
Dragonseal Aldsword I1
Hulking Choppers III1
Mammoth Direbones II1
Abyss Eaters II1
Nether Chainblades1
Enduring Sacrifice1
Earth Ender III1
Mammoth Hoof II1
Dragonseal Basher I1
Mad Bone Horn III1
Dragonseal Aldhorn I1
Grand Halberd III1
Abyss Aggressor II1
Death Garon Lance1
Dragonseal Aldspear I1
Dragonpike "Quake" III1
Mammoth Gunlance II1
Dragonseal Gunlance I1
Mighty Gear III1
Mammoth Halberd II1
Dragonseal Axe I1
Wild Force III1
Nether Candle1
Dragonseal Blade I1
Aerial Magus III1
Nether Vajra1
Dragonseal Aldstaff I1
Breakshot III1
Mammoth Bowgun II1
Nether Salvo1
Dragonseal Bowgun I1
Cartilage Blaster III1
Dragonseal Cannon I1
Hunter's Bravebow III1
Mammoth Greatbow II1
Dragonseal Aldbow I1
Ogre's Jaw I1
Grand Khopesh I1
Radobaan Os I1
Blood-drinker Chainblade1
Hulking Choppers I1
Diablos Shatterer I1
Naaga Matraca I1
Earth Ender I1
Mad Bone Horn I1
Gama Chorus I1
Garon Dhara I1
Grand Halberd I1
Dragonpike "Quake" I1
Mighty Gear I1
Hate's Undying Flame1
Diablos Tyrannis I1
Wild Force I1
Gama Escudo I1
Temptation's Trident1
Tyrannis Glaive I1
Aerial Magus I1
Breakshot I1
Cartilage Blaster I1
Hunter's Bravebow I1
Felyne Acorn Spade1
Felyne Frankie Head α+1
Felyne Frankie Body α+1
Obtaining Quest /54
13Special Arena: MR Legiana14%
13Special Arena: MR Odogaron14%
13Special Arena: MR Uragaan14%
13Special Arena: MR Rathalos14%
13Special Arena: MR Diablos14%
13Special Arena: MR Barioth14%
13Special Arena: MR Nargacuga14%
13Special Arena: MR Glavenus14%
13Special Arena: MR Brachydios14%
13Special Arena: MR Tigrex14%
14Treasure in the Steam17%
14Special Arena: MR Azure Rathalos14%
14Special Arena: MR Black Diablos14%
14Special Arena: MR Acidic Glavenus14%
14Special Arena: MR Ebony Odogaron14%
14Special Arena: MR Fulgur Anjanath14%
15The Iceborne Wyvern15%
15Under the Veil of Death15%
15A Light From The Abyss15%
15Clashing Swords Upon The Rime15%
15The Harbinger of Clear Skies15%
15Here Comes the Deathmaker15%
15Royal Audience on the Sand15%
15Lightning Crashes15%
15Memories of the Sea God15%
15It's the Afterlife for Me15%
15Wings of the Wind15%
15Mark of the Sun15%
16Paean of Guidance15%
16To the Very Ends with You15%
16Return of the Crazy One14%
16Special Arena: MR Zinogre14%
16Special Arena: MR Yian Garuga14%
16Special Arena: MR Brute Tigrex14%
16Special Arena: MR Gold Rathian14%
16Special Arena: MR Silver Rathalos14%
16Faraway Lorelei15%
16One Hot Night in the Spire15%
16Into the Palace of Flame15%
16Reveal Thyself, Destroyer14%
16Sterling Pride15%
16Across the Lost Path14%
16...And My Rage for All18%
16The Fury Remains18%
16Dawn's Triumph15%
16Special Arena: MR Stygian Zinogre14%
16Achy Brachy Heart18%
16All That Glitters is Furious18%
11The Lord of the Underworld Beckons17%
13Fired-Up Bruisers115%
14In the Depths of the Forest118%
15A Reason Behind The Hunger118%
15USJ: Ballet of Frost18%
Monster /52
RathianInvestigationMaster Rank16%
Pink RathianInvestigationMaster Rank15%
Gold RathianInvestigationMaster Rank17%
RathalosInvestigationMaster Rank15%
Azure RathalosInvestigationMaster Rank15%
Silver RathalosInvestigationMaster Rank17%
DiablosInvestigationMaster Rank15%
Black DiablosInvestigationMaster Rank15%
KirinInvestigationMaster Rank16%
Yian GarugaInvestigationMaster Rank15%
Scarred Yian GarugaInvestigationMaster Rank15%
RajangInvestigationMaster Rank17%
Furious RajangInvestigationMaster Rank17%
Kushala DaoraInvestigationMaster Rank16%
LunastraInvestigationMaster Rank16%
TeostraInvestigationMaster Rank16%
TigrexInvestigationMaster Rank15%
Brute TigrexInvestigationMaster Rank15%
LavasiothInvestigationMaster Rank15%
NargacugaInvestigationMaster Rank15%
BariothInvestigationMaster Rank15%
Savage DeviljhoInvestigationMaster Rank15%
BarrothInvestigationMaster Rank16%
UragaanInvestigationMaster Rank15%
ZinogreInvestigationMaster Rank15%
Stygian ZinogreInvestigationMaster Rank17%
BrachydiosInvestigationMaster Rank15%
GlavenusInvestigationMaster Rank15%
Acidic GlavenusInvestigationMaster Rank15%
AnjanathInvestigationMaster Rank16%
Fulgur AnjanathInvestigationMaster Rank15%
Pukei-PukeiInvestigationMaster Rank16%
Coral Pukei-PukeiInvestigationMaster Rank16%
Ruiner NergiganteInvestigationMaster Rank16%
Safi'jiivaInvestigationMaster Rank16%
JyuratodusInvestigationMaster Rank16%
Tobi-KadachiInvestigationMaster Rank16%
Viper Tobi-KadachiInvestigationMaster Rank16%
PaolumuInvestigationMaster Rank16%
Nightshade PaolumuInvestigationMaster Rank16%
LegianaInvestigationMaster Rank15%
Shrieking LegianaInvestigationMaster Rank15%
OdogaronInvestigationMaster Rank15%
Ebony OdogaronInvestigationMaster Rank15%
Radobaancondition 30Master Rank113%
RadobaanInvestigationMaster Rank16%
Blackveil Vaal HazakInvestigationMaster Rank16%
Seething BazelgeuseInvestigationMaster Rank15%
BeotodusInvestigationMaster Rank16%
BanbaroInvestigationMaster Rank16%
VelkhanaInvestigationMaster Rank16%
NamielleInvestigationMaster Rank16%
Ancient ForestMaster RankBonepile13%
Ancient ForestMaster RankBonepile (Upsurge)15%
Wildspire WasteMaster RankBonepile13%
Wildspire WasteMaster RankBonepile (Upsurge)15%
Coral HighlandsMaster RankBonepile13%
Coral HighlandsMaster RankBonepile (Upsurge)15%
Elder's RecessHigh RankBonepile17%
Elder's RecessHigh RankBonepile (Upsurge)19%
Hoarfrost ReachMaster RankBonepile13%
Hoarfrost ReachMaster RankBonepile (Upsurge)15%
Tailraider Safari /2
Elder's RecessMaster Rank1Thick Bone x1 40%
Quality Bone x2 20%
Brutal Bone x1 25%
Dragonbone Artifact x1 10%
Ancient Fragment x1 5%
10, 30, 1, 10, 1
The Guiding LandsMaster Rank1Thick Bone x1 50%
Dragonbone Relic x1 20%
Dragonbone Artifact x1 15%
Ancient Fragment x1 15%
10, 30, 1, 10, 1
Elder Melder /1
3Dragonbone ArtifactResearch Points: 300
Melding Points: 100
Ready to Strike
Elder Melder Ingredients /1
IngredientsMelding Points
Celestial Wyverian Print100
JA 日本語いにしえの巨龍骨
US EnglishDragonbone Artifact
FR FrançaisArtéfact de dragon
ES EspañolArtefacto de dracohueso
DE DeutschDrachenknochen-Artefakt
IT ItalianoManufatto dragosso
KR 한국어고대의 거대용골
TW 繁體中文古老巨龍骨
CN 簡体中文古老巨龙骨
RU РусскийАртефакт драконьей кости
PL PolskiArtefakt smoczej kości
PO Português do BrasilArtefato de Dragosso
AR العربيةعظْمة تنين أثرية