Spiritvein Solidbone

Bone obtained from tempered monsters in the Guiding Lands. Drew in earthen energy to slake its endless thirst.

Craft /343
Clockwork α+ Layered Head3
Leon+ Layered Head3
Claire+ Layered Head3
Fulgur Anja α+ Layered Head3
Fulgur Anja β+ Layered Head3
Rath Heart α+ Layered Head3
Rath Heart β+ Layered Head3
Clockwork β+ Layered Head3
Barioth α+ Layered Head3
Barioth β+ Layered Head3
Rathalos α+ Layered Head3
Rathalos β+ Layered Head3
Rath Soul α+ Layered Head3
Rath Soul β+ Layered Head3
Diablos α+ Layered Head3
Diablos β+ Layered Head3
Diablos Nero α+ Layered Head3
Diablos Nero β+ Layered Head3
Legia α+ Layered Head3
Legia β+ Layered Head3
Shrieking Legia α+ Layered Head3
Shrieking Legia β+ Layered Head3
Odogaron α+ Layered Head3
Odogaron β+ Layered Head3
Death Garon α+ Layered Head3
Death Garon β+ Layered Head3
Lavasioth+ Layered Head3
Uragaan+ Layered Head3
Nargacuga α+ Layered Head3
Nargacuga β+ Layered Head3
Glavenus α+ Layered Head3
Glavenus β+ Layered Head3
Acidic Glavenus α+ Layered Head3
Acidic Glavenus β+ Layered Head3
Brachydios α+ Layered Head3
Brachydios β+ Layered Head3
Tigrex α+ Layered Head3
Tigrex β+ Layered Head3
Rex Roar α+ Layered Head5
Rex Roar β+ Layered Head5
Pride α+ Layered Head5
Pride β+ Layered Head5
Esurient α+ Layered Head5
Esurient β+ Layered Head5
Garuga α+ Layered Head5
Garuga β+ Layered Head5
Zinogre α+ Layered Head5
Zinogre β+ Layered Head5
Golden Lune α+ Layered Head5
Golden Lune β+ Layered Head5
Silver Sol α+ Layered Head5
Silver Sol β+ Layered Head5
Rajang α+ Layered Head5
Rajang β+ Layered Head5
Stygian α+ Layered Head5
Stygian β+ Layered Head5
Furious Rajang α+ Layered Head5
Furious Rajang β+ Layered Head5
Brachydium α+ Layered Head5
Brachydium β+ Layered Head5
Frostfang α+ Layered Head5
Frostfang β+ Layered Head5
Sealed Dragon Cloth Layered Head1
Wyverian Ears Layered Head1
Duffel Penguin Layered Head1
Pearlspring Layered Head1
Azure Age Layered Head3
Clockwork α+ Layered Chest3
Leon+ Layered Chest3
Claire+ Layered Chest3
Fulgur Anja α+ Layered Chest3
Fulgur Anja β+ Layered Chest3
Rath Heart α+ Layered Chest3
Rath Heart β+ Layered Chest3
Clockwork β+ Layered Chest3
Barioth α+ Layered Chest3
Barioth β+ Layered Chest3
Rathalos α+ Layered Chest3
Rathalos β+ Layered Chest3
Rath Soul α+ Layered Chest3
Rath Soul β+ Layered Chest3
Diablos α+ Layered Chest3
Diablos β+ Layered Chest3
Diablos Nero α+ Layered Chest3
Diablos Nero β+ Layered Chest3
Legia α+ Layered Chest3
Legia β+ Layered Chest3
Shrieking Legia α+ Layered Chest3
Shrieking Legia β+ Layered Chest3
Odogaron α+ Layered Chest3
Odogaron β+ Layered Chest3
Death Garon α+ Layered Chest3
Death Garon β+ Layered Chest3
Lavasioth+ Layered Chest3
Uragaan+ Layered Chest3
Nargacuga α+ Layered Chest3
Nargacuga β+ Layered Chest3
Glavenus α+ Layered Chest3
Glavenus β+ Layered Chest3
Acidic Glavenus α+ Layered Chest3
Acidic Glavenus β+ Layered Chest3
Brachydios α+ Layered Chest3
Brachydios β+ Layered Chest3
Tigrex α+ Layered Chest3
Tigrex β+ Layered Chest3
Rex Roar α+ Layered Chest5
Rex Roar β+ Layered Chest5
Pride α+ Layered Chest5
Pride β+ Layered Chest5
Esurient α+ Layered Chest5
Esurient β+ Layered Chest5
Garuga α+ Layered Chest5
Garuga β+ Layered Chest5
Zinogre α+ Layered Chest5
Zinogre β+ Layered Chest5
Golden Lune α+ Layered Chest5
Golden Lune β+ Layered Chest5
Silver Sol α+ Layered Chest5
Silver Sol β+ Layered Chest5
Rajang α+ Layered Chest5
Rajang β+ Layered Chest5
Stygian α+ Layered Chest5
Stygian β+ Layered Chest5
Furious Rajang α+ Layered Chest5
Furious Rajang β+ Layered Chest5
Brachydium α+ Layered Chest5
Brachydium β+ Layered Chest5
Frostfang α+ Layered Chest5
Frostfang β+ Layered Chest5
Buff Body α+ Layered Chest3
Azure Age Layered Chest3
Clockwork α+ Layered Arms3
Leon+ Layered Arms3
Claire+ Layered Arms3
Fulgur Anja α+ Layered Arms3
Fulgur Anja β+ Layered Arms3
Rath Heart α+ Layered Arms3
Rath Heart β+ Layered Arms3
Clockwork β+ Layered Arms3
Barioth α+ Layered Arms3
Barioth β+ Layered Arms3
Rathalos α+ Layered Arms3
Rathalos β+ Layered Arms3
Rath Soul α+ Layered Arms3
Rath Soul β+ Layered Arms3
Diablos α+ Layered Arms3
Diablos β+ Layered Arms3
Diablos Nero α+ Layered Arms3
Diablos Nero β+ Layered Arms3
Legia α+ Layered Arms3
Legia β+ Layered Arms3
Shrieking Legia α+ Layered Arms3
Shrieking Legia β+ Layered Arms3
Odogaron α+ Layered Arms3
Odogaron β+ Layered Arms3
Death Garon α+ Layered Arms3
Death Garon β+ Layered Arms3
Lavasioth+ Layered Arms3
Uragaan+ Layered Arms3
Nargacuga α+ Layered Arms3
Nargacuga β+ Layered Arms3
Glavenus α+ Layered Arms3
Glavenus β+ Layered Arms3
Acidic Glavenus α+ Layered Arms3
Acidic Glavenus β+ Layered Arms3
Brachydios α+ Layered Arms3
Brachydios β+ Layered Arms3
Tigrex α+ Layered Arms3
Tigrex β+ Layered Arms3
Rex Roar α+ Layered Arms5
Rex Roar β+ Layered Arms5
Pride α+ Layered Arms5
Pride β+ Layered Arms5
Esurient α+ Layered Arms5
Esurient β+ Layered Arms5
Garuga α+ Layered Arms5
Garuga β+ Layered Arms5
Zinogre α+ Layered Arms5
Zinogre β+ Layered Arms5
Golden Lune α+ Layered Arms5
Golden Lune β+ Layered Arms5
Silver Sol α+ Layered Arms5
Silver Sol β+ Layered Arms5
Rajang α+ Layered Arms5
Rajang β+ Layered Arms5
Stygian α+ Layered Arms5
Stygian β+ Layered Arms5
Furious Rajang α+ Layered Arms5
Furious Rajang β+ Layered Arms5
Brachydium α+ Layered Arms5
Brachydium β+ Layered Arms5
Frostfang α+ Layered Arms5
Frostfang β+ Layered Arms5
Buff Body α+ Layered Arms3
Azure Age Layered Arms3
Clockwork α+ Layered Torso3
Leon+ Layered Torso3
Claire+ Layered Torso3
Fulgur Anja α+ Layered Torso3
Fulgur Anja β+ Layered Torso3
Rath Heart α+ Layered Torso3
Rath Heart β+ Layered Torso3
Clockwork β+ Layered Torso3
Barioth α+ Layered Torso3
Barioth β+ Layered Torso3
Rathalos α+ Layered Torso3
Rathalos β+ Layered Torso3
Rath Soul α+ Layered Torso3
Rath Soul β+ Layered Torso3
Diablos α+ Layered Torso3
Diablos β+ Layered Torso3
Diablos Nero α+ Layered Torso3
Diablos Nero β+ Layered Torso3
Legia α+ Layered Torso3
Legia β+ Layered Torso3
Shrieking Legia α+ Layered Torso3
Shrieking Legia β+ Layered Torso3
Odogaron α+ Layered Torso3
Odogaron β+ Layered Torso3
Death Garon α+ Layered Torso3
Death Garon β+ Layered Torso3
Lavasioth+ Layered Torso3
Uragaan+ Layered Torso3
Nargacuga α+ Layered Torso3
Nargacuga β+ Layered Torso3
Glavenus α+ Layered Torso3
Glavenus β+ Layered Torso3
Acidic Glavenus α+ Layered Torso3
Acidic Glavenus β+ Layered Torso3
Brachydios α+ Layered Torso3
Brachydios β+ Layered Torso3
Tigrex α+ Layered Torso3
Tigrex β+ Layered Torso3
Rex Roar α+ Layered Torso5
Rex Roar β+ Layered Torso5
Pride α+ Layered Torso5
Pride β+ Layered Torso5
Esurient α+ Layered Torso5
Esurient β+ Layered Torso5
Garuga α+ Layered Torso5
Garuga β+ Layered Torso5
Zinogre α+ Layered Torso5
Zinogre β+ Layered Torso5
Golden Lune α+ Layered Torso5
Golden Lune β+ Layered Torso5
Silver Sol α+ Layered Torso5
Silver Sol β+ Layered Torso5
Rajang α+ Layered Torso5
Rajang β+ Layered Torso5
Stygian α+ Layered Torso5
Stygian β+ Layered Torso5
Furious Rajang α+ Layered Torso5
Furious Rajang β+ Layered Torso5
Brachydium α+ Layered Torso5
Brachydium β+ Layered Torso5
Frostfang α+ Layered Torso5
Frostfang β+ Layered Torso5
Buff Body α+ Layered Torso3
Azure Age Layered Torso3
Clockwork α+ Layered Legs3
Leon+ Layered Legs3
Claire+ Layered Legs3
Fulgur Anja α+ Layered Legs3
Fulgur Anja β+ Layered Legs3
Rath Heart α+ Layered Legs3
Rath Heart β+ Layered Legs3
Clockwork β+ Layered Legs3
Barioth α+ Layered Legs3
Barioth β+ Layered Legs3
Rathalos α+ Layered Legs3
Rathalos β+ Layered Legs3
Rath Soul α+ Layered Legs3
Rath Soul β+ Layered Legs3
Diablos α+ Layered Legs3
Diablos β+ Layered Legs3
Diablos Nero α+ Layered Legs3
Diablos Nero β+ Layered Legs3
Legia α+ Layered Legs3
Legia β+ Layered Legs3
Shrieking Legia α+ Layered Legs3
Shrieking Legia β+ Layered Legs3
Odogaron α+ Layered Legs3
Odogaron β+ Layered Legs3
Death Garon α+ Layered Legs3
Death Garon β+ Layered Legs3
Lavasioth+ Layered Legs3
Uragaan+ Layered Legs3
Nargacuga α+ Layered Legs3
Nargacuga β+ Layered Legs3
Glavenus α+ Layered Legs3
Glavenus β+ Layered Legs3
Acidic Glavenus α+ Layered Legs3
Acidic Glavenus β+ Layered Legs3
Brachydios α+ Layered Legs3
Brachydios β+ Layered Legs3
Tigrex α+ Layered Legs3
Tigrex β+ Layered Legs3
Rex Roar α+ Layered Legs5
Rex Roar β+ Layered Legs5
Pride α+ Layered Legs5
Pride β+ Layered Legs5
Esurient α+ Layered Legs5
Esurient β+ Layered Legs5
Garuga α+ Layered Legs5
Garuga β+ Layered Legs5
Zinogre α+ Layered Legs5
Zinogre β+ Layered Legs5
Golden Lune α+ Layered Legs5
Golden Lune β+ Layered Legs5
Silver Sol α+ Layered Legs5
Silver Sol β+ Layered Legs5
Rajang α+ Layered Legs5
Rajang β+ Layered Legs5
Stygian α+ Layered Legs5
Stygian β+ Layered Legs5
Furious Rajang α+ Layered Legs5
Furious Rajang β+ Layered Legs5
Brachydium α+ Layered Legs5
Brachydium β+ Layered Legs5
Frostfang α+ Layered Legs5
Frostfang β+ Layered Legs5
Buff Body α+ Layered Legs3
Azure Age Layered Legs3
Blaze Charm V4
Flood Charm V4
Frost Charm V4
Shock Charm V4
Wyrmsbane Charm V4
Invigorate Charm III4
Power Charm III4
Challenger Charm III4
Fitness Charm IV4
Despot's Boltbreaker5
Despot's Crookbolt5
Despot's Blitz5
Despot's Crackle5
Despot's Thunderclap5
Despot's Phlogiston5
Despot's Thundergale5
Despot's Twinbolt5
Despot's Wildfire5
Loyal Thunder5
Despot's Earlybolt5
Monster /28
Gold RathianThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank133%
RathalosThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank130%
Azure RathalosThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank128%
Silver RathalosThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank133%
DiablosThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank130%
Black DiablosThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank128%
Yian GarugaThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank128%
Scarred Yian GarugaThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank128%
RajangThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank133%
TigrexThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank130%
Brute TigrexThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank128%
LavasiothThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank130%
NargacugaThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank130%
BariothThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank130%
Savage DeviljhoThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank133%
UragaanThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank130%
ZinogreThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank128%
Stygian ZinogreThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank131%
BrachydiosThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank130%
Raging BrachydiosThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank1100%
GlavenusThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank130%
Acidic GlavenusThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank128%
Fulgur AnjanathThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank130%
LegianaThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank130%
Shrieking LegianaThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank128%
OdogaronThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank130%
Ebony OdogaronThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank128%
Seething BazelgeuseThe Guiding Lands - TemperedMaster Rank133%
Augment Equipment /14
10Extra Slots IISpiritvein Gem x 1
Spiritvein Solidbone x 3
Tempered Glimmerpelt x 3
10Attack Increase IIITempered Jaw x 7
Tempered Red Scale x 3
Spiritvein Solidbone x 3
Guiding Wasteland Dragonbone x 1
10Attack Increase IVTempered Glimmerpelt x 7
Heavy Jaw x 5
Spiritvein Solidbone x 3
Simmering Wildbone x 5
10Affinity Increase IIITempered Cutwing x 7
Tempered Cathode x 3
Spiritvein Solidbone x 3
Prosperous Crystal x 3
10Affinity Increase IVTempered Blastscale x 7
Incandescent Magmafin x 5
Spiritvein Solidbone x 3
Magma Crystal x 5
10Health Regen IITempered Tailblade x 7
Strongman's Jaw x 5
Spiritvein Solidbone x 3
Afflicted Frenzybone x 3
11Extra Slots ISpiritvein Gem x 1
Spiritvein Solidbone x 3
Tempered Crownhorn x 3
11Affinity Increase IIITempered Blastscale x 7
Tempered Magmafin x 3
Spiritvein Solidbone x 3
Hellfire Crystal x 3
11Affinity Increase IVTempered Dragonhold x 7
Coldblooded Icefang x 5
Spiritvein Solidbone x 3
Frozen Crystal x 5
11Slot Upgrade IITempered Ebonshell x 7
Tempered Scute x 3
Spiritvein Solidbone x 3
Volcanic Wildbone x 5
11Health Regen ITempered Silverpelt x 7
Tempered Poison Sac x 3
Spiritvein Solidbone x 3
Slumbering Greatbone x 3
11Health Regen IISpattered Hide x 7
Tempered Green Scale x 3
Spiritvein Solidbone x 3
Guiding Forest Dragonbone x 1
12Attack Increase IITempered Silver Scale x 7
Bloodthirsty Glimmerpelt x 5
Spiritvein Solidbone x 3
Dragonscorched Wildbone x 3
12Element/Status Effect Up IIITempered Gold Scale x 7
Glossy Ebonshell x 5
Spiritvein Solidbone x 3
Guiding Magma Crystal x 1
Elder Melder /1
3Spiritvein SolidboneResearch Points: 400
Melding Points: 240
Elder Melder Ingredients /1
IngredientsMelding Points
Elder Spiritvein Bone40
JA 日本語霊脈の剛竜骨
US EnglishSpiritvein Solidbone
FR FrançaisOs résistos mystique
ES EspañolHueso sólido vena espiritual
DE DeutschGeistader-Stahlknochen
IT ItalianoOsso venaspirito solido
KR 한국어영맥의 억센용골
TW 繁體中文靈脈的剛龍骨
CN 簡体中文灵脉的刚龙骨
RU РусскийПлотная кость жилы духов
PL PolskiSolidna kość z żyły ducha
PO Português do BrasilSolidosso de Espiriveio
AR العربيةعظمة سبيريتفين صلبة