Quest /89
★3Special Arena: Pukei-PukeiSpecial Arena
★3Special Arena: BarrothSpecial Arena
★3Special Arena: Tobi-KadachiSpecial Arena
★4Special Arena: AnjanathSpecial Arena
★4Special Arena: RathianSpecial Arena
★4Special Arena: PaolumuSpecial Arena
★4Special Arena: RadobaanSpecial Arena
★5Special Arena: LegianaSpecial Arena
★5Special Arena: OdogaronSpecial Arena
★5Special Arena: RathalosSpecial Arena
★5Special Arena: DiablosSpecial Arena
★6Special Arena: HR Pukei-PukeiSpecial Arena
★6Special Arena: HR BarrothSpecial Arena
★6Special Arena: HR Tobi-KadachiSpecial Arena
★6Special Arena: HR AnjanathSpecial Arena
★6Special Arena: HR RathianSpecial Arena
★6Special Arena: HR PaolumuSpecial Arena
★6Special Arena: HR RadobaanSpecial Arena
★7Special Arena: HR Pink RathianSpecial Arena
★7Special Arena: HR LegianaSpecial Arena
★7Special Arena: HR OdogaronSpecial Arena
★7Special Arena: HR UragaanSpecial Arena
★7Special Arena: HR RathalosSpecial Arena
★7Special Arena: HR Azure RathalosSpecial Arena
★7Special Arena: HR DiablosSpecial Arena
★7Special Arena: HR Black DiablosSpecial Arena
★9The White Winds of the New World Special Arena
★9Showdown: the Muck and the Maul Special Arena
★9New World Sky, New World Flower Special Arena
M★1Special Arena: MR Pukei-PukeiSpecial Arena
M★1Special Arena: MR BarrothSpecial Arena
M★1Special Arena: MR Tobi-KadachiSpecial Arena
M★1Special Arena: MR BanbaroSpecial Arena
M★2Special Arena: MR AnjanathSpecial Arena
M★2Special Arena: MR RadobaanSpecial Arena
M★2Special Arena: MR Coral Pukei-PukeiSpecial Arena
M★2Special Arena: MR Viper Tobi-KadachiSpecial Arena
M★2Special Arena: MR RathianSpecial Arena
M★2Special Arena: MR Pink RathianSpecial Arena
M★2Special Arena: MR PaolumuSpecial Arena
M★2Special Arena: MR Nightshade PaolumuSpecial Arena
M★3Special Arena: MR LegianaSpecial Arena
M★3Special Arena: MR OdogaronSpecial Arena
M★3Special Arena: MR UragaanSpecial Arena
M★3Special Arena: MR RathalosSpecial Arena
M★3Special Arena: MR DiablosSpecial Arena
M★3Special Arena: MR BariothSpecial Arena
M★3Special Arena: MR NargacugaSpecial Arena
M★3Special Arena: MR GlavenusSpecial Arena
M★3Special Arena: MR BrachydiosSpecial Arena
M★3Special Arena: MR TigrexSpecial Arena
M★4Special Arena: MR Azure RathalosSpecial Arena
M★4Special Arena: MR Black DiablosSpecial Arena
M★4Special Arena: MR Acidic GlavenusSpecial Arena
M★4Special Arena: MR Ebony OdogaronSpecial Arena
M★4Special Arena: MR Fulgur AnjanathSpecial Arena
M★6We Run This Town Special Arena
M★6Special Arena: MR ZinogreSpecial Arena
M★6Special Arena: MR Yian GarugaSpecial Arena
M★6Special Arena: MR Brute TigrexSpecial Arena
M★6Special Arena: MR Gold RathianSpecial Arena
M★6Special Arena: MR Silver RathalosSpecial Arena
★8Arena Quest 08 Special Arena
★8Arena Quest 09 Special Arena
M★4Arena Master Quest 05 Special Arena
M★6Arena Master Quest 07 Special Arena
★8Pandora's ArenaSpecial Arena
M★6Special Arena: MR Stygian ZinogreSpecial Arena
★2Challenge Quest 1: Beginner Special Arena
★2Vespoid Infestation!Special Arena
★4USJ Expert Challenge!Special Arena
★5USJ Expert Challenge!Special Arena
★7Challenge Quest 2: Intermediate Special Arena
★9Challenge Quest 2: ExpertSpecial Arena
M★2Challenge Quest 1: MR Intermediate Special Arena
M★6Challenge Quest 1: MR ExpertSpecial Arena
★8Nergigante Slay Event 3Special Arena
★5Wicked Wildspire Warfare Special Arena
M★2Balloon Fight Special Arena
M★5Talk About a Party Foul...Special Arena
★6Triple Threat Throwdown Special Arena
★4Ya-Ku With That? Special Arena
★5Flesh Cleaved to Bone Special Arena
★4Greeting the Gluttons Special Arena
M★2Colorful Carnival Special Arena
M★2Hunter-Blunderer Special Arena
M★5We Three Kings Special Arena
M★5Talk About a Party Foul...Special Arena
★8SDF: Silent, Deadly, and Fierce Special Arena