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Bestiary Recipe /47 ⍟

Add a Mod to a FlaskAdds "of Heat"
Requires Flask to have no existing Suffix
Add a Mod to a FlaskAdds "of Dousing"
Requires Flask to have no existing Suffix
Add a Mod to a FlaskAdds "of Staunching"
Requires Flask to have no existing Suffix
Add a Mod to a FlaskAdds "of Grounding"
Requires Flask to have no existing Suffix
Add a Mod to a FlaskAdds "of Curing"
Requires Flask to have no existing Suffix
Add a Mod to a FlaskAdds "of Warding"
Requires Flask to have no existing Suffix
Convert this Unique ItemInto Another Random Unique ItemFenumal Scorpion
Corrupt an Armour or WeaponTo have 30% QualityCraicic Vassal
Craft an Aspect Skill onto an ItemAspect of the Cat skillFarrul, First of the Plains
Craft an Aspect Skill onto an ItemAspect of the Avian skillSaqawal, First of the Sky
Craft an Aspect Skill onto an ItemAspect of the Spider skillFenumus, First of the Night
Craft an Aspect Skill onto an ItemAspect of the Crab skillCraiceann, First of the Deep
Create a UniqueItemCraicic Savage Crab
Create a UniqueRingFarric Flame Hellion Alpha
Create a UniqueAmuletFarric Chieftain
Create a UniqueBeltFarric Ape
Create a UniqueFlaskFarric Goatman
Create a UniqueHelmetFarric Gargantuan
Create a UniqueBody ArmourFarric Ursa
Create a UniqueBootsSaqawine Retch
Create a UniqueGlovesFenumal Widow
Create a UniqueJewelCraicic Squid
Create a UniqueClaw or DaggerCraicic Watcher
Create a UniqueMace or SceptreSaqawine Cobra
Create a UniqueShield or QuiverFenumal Devourer
Create a UniqueSwordSaqawine Blood Viper
Create a UniqueStaffFenumal Queen
Create a UniqueAxeCraicic Maw
Create a UniqueBowFarric Goliath
Create a UniqueWandFenumal Scrabbler
Create a UniqueMapFarric Taurus
Create an ImprintOf a Magic ItemCraicic Chimeral
Create an Item23% Quality Corrupted GemFarric Magma Hound
Create an ItemLevel 21 Corrupted GemFarric Pit Hound
Create an ItemFully-linked Six-socket RareSaqawine Vulture
Create an ItemA Stack of 10 Random CurrencySaqawine Chimeral
Create Currency ItemsA Stack of 8 Chromatic OrbsSaqawine Rhoa
Create Currency ItemsA Stack of 4 Jeweller's OrbsCraicic Shield Crab
Create Currency ItemsOrb of FusingCraicic Sand Spitter
Modify Mods on an ItemAdd a Suffix, Remove a Random Prefix
Only works on rare items
Farric Lynx Alpha
Modify Mods on an ItemAdd a Prefix, Remove a Random Suffix
Only works on rare items
Farric Wolf Alpha
Open a Portalto Farrul's DenFarric Tiger Alpha
Open a Portalto Saqawal's RoostSaqawine Rhex
Open a Portalto Fenumus' LairFenumal Hybrid Arachnid
Open a Portalto Craiceann's CoveCraicic Spider Crab
Reroll Mod ValuesBoth Implicit and Explicit Mods of a Rare Item
Numeric values of all mods are changed
Farric Frost Hellion Alpha
Split an Item Into TwoWith Half the Mods on Each Item
Does not work on Shaped or Elder items
Fenumal Plagued Arachnid

Einhar /23 ⍟

IntroductionThat look in your eye... I recognise it. A survivor, just like Einhar.

That is my name, exile. Einhar. In my native tongue it means 'lone fighter'. That is what Einhar was for many years.

But it is dangerous now to fight alone. Too dangerous, even for the mighty Einhar. We are in the final days of this world, exile. Of that, I am sure. We survivors must unite, prepare for the end, and delay its arrival as long as we can.

For that we will need supplies. Weapons. Shelter. Food. This is where you come in.
EinharYou want to know Einhar's past? That is Einhar's business. No one else's.
The First OnesThey were the first survivors. The First Ones showed my people that to win, you must outlast. They left this world long ago to seek other survivors, but they will return. And when they do, I will join them in the Great Grove. And you will join Einhar, yes? Yes.
TradingNot all beasts were born equal, survivor. The First Ones look upon some captures and sacrifices more fondly than others. You may not even deem some beasts worthy of sacrifice!

Do not worry. Einhar has imbued some Orbs with powerful blood magic. You can use these Bestiary Orbs on any beast in the Menagerie and the beast will be bound to the Orb. Then you can do whatever you want with it. Give it to a handsome man like Einhar, maybe? You cannot tell, but I am very handsome under this mask.

Once a Bestiary Orb contains a beast, you can use it again to release the creature to the Menagerie. Be careful, though, it will break the Orb.
The MenagerieIt will surprise you to learn that I am not popular. The others here are ignorant. They do not see the end coming. They are not survivors like me... Or you.

Before we met, I kept beasts in the encampment. They got into the grain, then the meat. They were not as picky as Einhar about where they did their business. I learned that Rhoas do not digest Rhoa meat very well.

So I moved them to a new location. The Menagerie. Far away. It is a secret place. This is where we will perform the ritual for the First Ones. I have built a Blood Altar for such a purpose.

Do you wish to see it? Tell Einhar. You will be taken there.
NikoOhhhh... Niko... I love Niko! Einhar digs around in the bellies of beasts for signs from the First Ones, and Niko digs around in the ground with a big metal spike! And he talks to the First Ones just like I do. Or... I think he does. He talks to someone! And what a voice! He is very skinny though. I am not sure he will be a survivor.
AlvaI love Alva! She is a student of blood thaumaturgy, just like Einhar. And she is collecting things, just like Einhar. But where I collect things so that we may survive the end of the world, Alva collects things from people who did not survive the end of the world already! It is as if we are two heads on the same hound, but her head is where the butt should be!
JunShe is so mysterious, exile. And I love mysterious! She told me all her friends disappeared, which also happened to Einhar! She thinks her friends are dead, but I don't think my friends are dead. They disappeared after I cracked open a buck's skull while we were eating and plucked out its brain. We weren't even eating venison! I don't even remember where I found the buck! That was a wonderful birthday.
ZanaEinhar loves Zana! Her hair reminds me of the inside of a Devourer, all red and stringy. She says many things that I do not understand, and marks down locations of places I have never been, even though I have been everywhere! So mysterious! Einhar loves mystery and locations. She has not seen her father in a very long time, so I try to be her father. I try to feed her meat as red as her hair. "This will keep it red and stringy!" I say, and she tells me to close my eyes while she eats it. It is so red and stringy, it must be working!
HelenaThe blackguard girl? Einhar hates blackguards... but I loooooove Helena! She is great at finding places to hide. I like to try to find her and then I hide and wait for her to find me! And she never can! Always I win! ...Now that I think about it, I do not think she knows to look for me. Maybe next time I should tell her before I hide.
NavaliOh yes, the revenant. Well... I love her. She reminds Einhar of the great, feathered Saqawal. I like to sneak up behind her as if she was Saqawal and I were Einhar, and I try to pounce like Einhar would pounce. Every time she steps out of the way and I fall on the ground like a silly Einhar! Even when I am as quiet as dead cat! How does she do it?
Saqawal, First of the SkyDuring a cold winter, Einhar camped on a mountain. I have many furs to keep me warm in the cold. ... I did not bring them. But I did have Rhoa ooze. While sipping warm ooze, Einhar had a vision. A lizard, feathered and crimson, watching from shadows of shadows.

An avatar of the First Ones. A test. Saqawal, First of the Sky. In my cup, ooze swirled. Another vision, in the blood of the birds and reptiles. It is lucky I had so much to drink that night, or else this secret may have remained a secret.

Find many birds and reptiles, Exile. The path to the First of the Sky is in their blood.
Farrul, First of the PlainsYears ago, Einhar was wandering the fields near Sarn in search of a worthy Survivor. I did not find one. Then I did not find water. Then I did not find shelter. This was a learning moment for Einhar.

Beneath the hot sun, Einhar saw a swirl of red and white. A flash of teeth. Farrul, First of the Plains, an Avatar of the First Ones. I pursued it, and as night fell, so did I... right into a Hellion pit. I drank my fill of Hellion blood that night. That is how I learned I do not like Hellion blood.

It is also how I learned that Farrul's secrets lie in the blood of hounds, cats, and others of warm blood. Go, find many, and we will find Farrul.
Craiceann, First of the DeepEinhar has many talents. You will learn. I sailed to Wraeclast alone, a risky and brave feat. You are impressed, yes?

My boat was small and not well prepared for the journey. Then my ship ran aground... but there was no ground. Very confusing. Water all around, but the ship could not move. My food spoiled quickly. I am very good at fishing. I will have to show you how some time... maybe. I caught many fish. And crabs. And squid. I ate very well, but there was little water. I had booze. I threw the scraps to the sea.

Then... the ship moved. Lifted. I looked aft. A crab, massive and red, stood on a lone rock, covered in my scraps. It was Craiceann, an Avatar of the First ones.

Einhar knows the secret of Craiceann. It lies in the bellies of the sea creatures. Find them, and we will see Craiceann again.
Fenumus, First of the NightEinhar is a brave explorer. The secret to my bravery? I do not think. One day I did not think as I went into a cave. It was very brave. But then I got lost. It was dark. I did not think, so I did not think to bring a torch.

I walked in total darkness by touch until... a light. Then two. Then many! So many lights! I got closer and closer. The lights got brighter and brighter. Then... I slipped. I fell very far. Einhar was sure he was dead. But then I was caught... in a web. The lights moved and swirled. Insects. And in front of them was a shadow of a spider. Fenumus... An Avatar of the First Ones.

Her web was strong, but Einhar's blade was stronger. I cut myself free. Into the river below. Washed to shore. A fun adventure.

The path to Fenumus is in the blood of bugs. Spiders. Insects. Carrion queens. Get them, and Fenumus will follow.
Einhar's MaskYes, this is Einhar's mask. Great job, exile!
Begin the HuntThis land is dying. But even a rotting carcass has its uses, yes?

Then it is settled. We will make rotting carcasses, and use them to produce the tools we will need to survive.

But only the finest rotting carcasses will do. Einhar is not picky, but I cannot say the same for the First Ones. There are a few beasts nearby, exile. Special beasts. We will find them. We will fight them. I will catch them. You will enjoy the fruits of my labour. We will be best friends!

Now, let's hunt. Together!
IntroductionThat look in your eye... I recognise it. A survivor, just like Einhar.

That is my name, exile. Einhar. In my native tongue it means 'lone fighter'. That is what Einhar was for many years.

But it is dangerous now to fight alone. Too dangerous, even for the mighty Einhar. We are in the final days of this world, exile. Of that, I am sure. We survivors must unite, prepare for the end, and delay its arrival as long as we can.

For that we will need supplies. Weapons. Shelter. Food.

The others here do not understand me the way you do. Meet me in the Riverways, and Einhar will explain what must be done.
Invite to HideoutExile! You are a welcome omen.
This MenagerieWelcome to Einhar's menagerie, exile. This is where I keep the beasts we capture. Do not worry about their wellbeing - I do not think they will worry about yours!! Haha! A little humour for you.

But seriously, exile, Einhar takes very good care of the beasts we capture. I feed them, clean them, and read them the poems I write. Then, when you are ready, we slaughter them at the blood altar, to prove to the First Ones that we are worthy of survival. That part is not so friendly to the beasts, but if you read my poetry, you may consider it an act of mercy. Hahaha! Again, humour! My poetry is great.

Please, look around! Take your time! But do not feed the animals. That is Einhar's job.
The Blood AltarThe arena just north... That is the Blood Altar. It is where you will perform the ritual of Sacrifice by Combat.

Once you have captured a few beasts, go to the altar in the middle and begin the ritual! The First Ones are watching. Show them you are worthy!
The Blood AltarHahaha! The crunch of bone, the splatter of blood... Is there anything as satisfying? You have proved you are a survivor, and the First Ones have rewarded you.

Capture more beasts. Perform more rituals. This is what we will do, yes?

The First Ones have many blessings to bestow. We will discover them.

Now go, survivor. More beasts await.
The Blood AltarThe end is coming, exile. Of that, I am sure.

...Just not so sure when. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe three years from now. No more than three years from now.

When the end arrives, we must be ready. The First Ones will return. They will bring the survivors with them to the Great Grove. We must prove we are worthy. We must sacrifice the beasts we find at the Blood Altar.

Feed the altar the blood of these beasts, and the First Ones will bless us. And, perhaps, reveal to us their secrets.

Crafting Bench /193 ⍟

MasterNameMaster LevelCost
EinharShore Bonfire49530
EinharDriftwood Branches1280
EinharDead Fish2720
EinharShore Plank Debris2720
EinharShore Rocks1280
EinharDead Seagull31740
EinharDead Seagull On Stick43220
EinharCannibal Sheet31740
EinharShore Stub2720
EinharPalisade Cart43220
EinharChopped Wood31740
EinharFish Stand31740
EinharClay Pot1280
EinharPot Line31740
EinharHunted Rhoa522500
EinharScrap Pile57500
EinharSitting Log31740
EinharMoss Monster757000
EinharPalm Tree49530
EinharMossy Cairn2720
EinharForest Rock1280
EinharStick With Skull31740
EinharPrayer Stones31740
EinharBandit Tent522500
EinharLush Tree35200
EinharThicket Tree57500
EinharForest Flowers2720
EinharGarden Wall638000
EinharMetal Beam2720
EinharRusty Crane638000
EinharWeathered Crane522500
EinharAbandoned Crane757000
EinharWooden Pallet522500
EinharRusty Gear22160
EinharRusty Disk31740
EinharJunk Pile43220
EinharRusty Machine49530
EinharWooden Beam2720
EinharMetal Plate2720
EinharMetal Rod2720
EinharRusty Spindle31740
EinharLarge Slum Debris31740
EinharSlum Debris2720
EinharAnimal Skeleton31740
EinharSlum Fence49530
EinharWebbed Remains31740
EinharWebbed Stump31740
EinharSpider Food638000
EinharBulb Palm638000
EinharGarden Palm522500
EinharLush Palm638000
EinharPalm Group7150000
EinharRaphina Tree522500
EinharRavenal Tree719000
EinharBeach Flies31740
EinharFly Swarm31740
EinharBlown Grass7150000
EinharHung Corpse57500
EinharImpaled Corpse43220
EinharTribal Chest49530
EinharCamp Rug31740
EinharMedium Tent719000
EinharLarge Tent7150000
EinharOvergrown Arch57500
EinharGarden Path43220
EinharRoad Trim43220
EinharOvergrown Wall638000
EinharSarn Tree638000
EinharBlown Leaves719000
EinharWeb-Covered Tree49530
EinharOvergrown Offering Statue757000
EinharOvergrown Statue522500
EinharLarge Overgrown Statue757000
EinharStone Statue638000
EinharRhoa Nest638000
EinharSeagull Nest31740
EinharFortification Door638000
EinharPalisade Gate638000
EinharLookout's Booth35200
EinharLion Statue757000
EinharStone Obelisk43220
EinharForest Tree31740
EinharDry Tree49530
EinharMossy Wall522500
EinharLow Mossy Wall43220
EinharStone Arch757000
EinharMossy Wall Arch57500
EinharWhale Skeleton Arms757000
EinharWhale Skeleton Bones638000
EinharWhale Skeleton Head757000
EinharWhale Skeleton Ribs757000
EinharLarge Whale Skeleton Ribs757000
EinharWhale Skeleton Spine757000
EinharDepressed Exile43220
EinharWounded Exile43220
EinharMalachai's Dedication425300
EinharAnimal Cage22160
EinharAnimal Pile35200
EinharPit Cleanup Cart313800
EinharPitbull Corpse31740
EinharPit Flags522500
EinharPit Post57500
EinharSlave Cart638000
EinharSlave Post49530
EinharMaulhead Basket35200
EinharMeat Baskets35200
EinharArena Fence31740
EinharDry Flax49530
EinharLava Fountain6244000
EinharRed Grass43220
EinharKaom Rock638000
EinharSkull Spikes1280
EinharLava Glow6102000
EinharKarui Palisade57500
EinharWooden Plate22160
EinharSack of Gems719000
EinharWeathered Skull Pile57500
EinharWeathered Skull Display757000
EinharSpiral Stone425300
EinharWhare Rug49530
EinharAgave Plant43220
EinharAloe Plant43220
EinharDesert Cactus35200
EinharDesert Grass31740
EinharDesert Plants57500
EinharFlax Plant35200
EinharMacrotaen Plant43220
EinharPoppy Plant43220
EinharCrude Fence43220
EinharClump of Vines22160
EinharRotten Dead Fish2720
EinharSmall Garden Statue57500
EinharLarge Garden Statue757000
EinharKaom's Throne560000
EinharReef Coral31740
EinharBeach Coral31740
EinharCoral Grass31740
EinharCoral Barnacles57500
EinharCoral Cluster6102000
EinharCoral Formation757000
EinharRock Formation638000
EinharKitava Head6102000
EinharKitava Heart560000
EinharKitava Horns425300
EinharRusted Cage1860
EinharBestiary Notes57500
EinharFence Debris31740
EinharBuilding Supplies22160
EinharBurlap Sack1280
EinharBurned Branch43220
EinharBurned Tree43220
EinharCloth Sack22160
EinharDestroyed Barricade1280
EinharEmpty Crate31740
EinharHitching Post31740
EinharKarui Carving425300
EinharKitava Altar6102000
EinharKitava Banner638000
EinharMenagerie Altar7360000
EinharMenagerie Bucket22160
EinharMenagerie Cage757000
EinharMenagerie Cage Fence57500
EinharMenagerie Feeding Trough22160
EinharMenagerie Fence31740
EinharMenagerie Food Tray43220
EinharMenagerie Large Trough638000
EinharMenagerie Nest43220
EinharMenagerie Rope Fence1860
EinharMenagerie Spirit Barrier757000
EinharMonster Corpse12300
EinharRamshackle Ladder22160
EinharRope Basket31740
EinharSki Equipment57500
EinharSnowy Hay Bale43220
EinharTarget Dummy43220
EinharWhare Floor522500
EinharWooden Barricade35200