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Act 5

Quest /6 ⍟

ActIconNameShow Full Descriptions
5Return to Oriath
You have successfully reached Oriath, but are trapped in the Slave Pens. Find a way to escape.

Reward: Rings
5The Key to Freedom
You have been asked to help the rebellion and kill Justicar Casticus. He should be located somewhere in the Control Blocks.

Reward: Life Flasks
5In Service to Science
Vilenta has asked you to find and return her Miasmeter that she left behind in her lab in the Control Blocks.

Reward: 1 Passive Skill Points
5Death to Purity
You have been asked to slay High Templar Avarius, the source of the Templar's power, but first you must find a way to gain access to the Templar Courts.

Reward: Jewel
5The King's Feast
Utula has used the fall of Innocence to summon Kitava, the Ravenous God. Kill Utula to prevent him from completing the King's Feast ritual.

Reward: Jewel
5Kitava's Torments
Lani has asked you to find Kitava's Torments, three mystical Karui artefacts that are being stored in the Reliquary.

Reward: 1 Passive Skill Points, 2 Passive Respec Points
5Overseer's Tower
45 Waypoint

5The Slave Pens
41 Waypoint
Overseer Krow
5The Control Blocks
Justicar Casticus
5Oriath Square
42 Waypoint
The Matriarch Oriath Enforcer
5The Ruined Square
44 Waypoint
Utula, Stone and Steel The Risen Matriarch
5The Templar Courts
42 Waypoint

5The Torched Courts
Cato, Scholar of Light
5The Chamber of Innocence
43 Waypoint
High Templar Avarius
5The Ossuary

5The Reliquary
44 Waypoint

5The Cathedral Rooftop
45 Waypoint
Kitava, the Insatiable